It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

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Rumor's Mill
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It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Rumor's Mill » Wed May 29, 2019 12:12 pm

Since time immemorial, Rhy'Din has stood as a symbol of longevity; an unforgettable juxtaposition of Streets that never sleep and Wilds that never wake. The maelstrom of Nexus currents upon which it resides, ever whorling and shifting, ensure the lifeblood of the city continues to pump, unhindered, no matter who or what is swept up in it. It has been formed by the innumerable touches of eons of hands, cultures, beliefs, ambitions, and simple desires of its ceaselessly evolving populace. Those that find themselves here, whether by choice or circumstance, have learned to make peace with it. They either stay and add their own touches to the City's multi-dimensional tapestry, or continue on in their journey, leaving behind only their stories.

And for those that have known nothing else: the covert, the quiet, the perpetual yet invisible, those stories are indispensable, as integral to daily life in this chaotic, lawless town as a healthy sense of self-preservation. Standing the test of time with their home takes more than luck.

It takes myths, legends, and fairy tales. Lessons learned from the quick, the wise, or the dead.

Lend yours to their Rumor Mill, keep it churning for generations to come.

((OOC: The Rumor's Mill is meant to be the collective result of 100% player contribution. Rumor's Mill will collect and pass on only what it is fed, thereby eliminating the opportunity for mistakes, guaranteeing the integrity of characters and storylines. That being said, feel free to pass on false information---there are no good rumors without it! ))
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Desdenova VonTombs
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Desdenova VonTombs » Wed Jul 17, 2019 6:50 pm

Grist For The Rumor Mill

“Hi, yeah, oh hey, you’re new here.”

Desdenova looked up from wiping down a glass topped display case and blinked a few times, just shy of derpy as he regarded the young woman speaking to him. She she was so fresh faced and eager that Desdenova had to wonder how many gallons of virgin’s blood that her morning skin care regime required.

“I am. Can I help you?” he replied politely, setting the cleaning supplies aside and giving her his best Mortician Smile. It was a strange blend of empathy, warmth, and seemly respect for the unhappy tidings.

“Oh, yes, you probably can. See, I’m writing a paper on the various alchemists and mystics shops in town, and well, here I am. I wonder if you’d answer a few questions for me,” she twinkled. Desdenova tilted his head.

Information was a valuable commodity. Not to mention dangerous in the wrong hands. Not to mention that snitches got stitches. However, advertising was a good thing.

“If it’s okay with my boss, sure. She’ll be out till noon though,” Desdenova finally responded. The girl gave a self conscious titter and twirled a lock of hair around her finger.

“I know, that’s why I came in now. I kind of want the plain and unvarnished truth. What it’s really like to work for her. Here. What it’s like working here. At the Lyceum.”

Desdenova started to reply, to scornfully note that his parents certainly wouldn’t allow him to work there if there was a difference in how he could speak between when the boss was there and when she wasn’t.

The girl had told him everything he needed to know, and that meant she was fair game, as far as Desdenova was concerned. He picked up the spray bottle and a cleaning rag, returning to work.

“You’re kind of looking at it. Just cleaning and stuff,” Desdenova replied, “And I really don’t have time to just sit and chat with a non-paying customer, if you get my point.”

To Desdenova’s glee, the young woman did. She produced a healthy stack of bills and started peeling them off, twenty by twenty. When he got to the fifth one, he reached over to take them.

“What do you want to know, anyhow?”

“Just clear up some rumors,” she responded, her gaze darting side to side, biting her lip for a moment before she smiled sunnily, “I mean, the kind of rumors that drive off business. Like how people who piss her off end up as mushrooms.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Desdenova replied absently as he squirted down a glass panel, “I mean, when we’re usually running short of wolf teeth and bat wool, why turn a jerk into a mushroom?”

The girl stared at him. He could all but hear her eyelids click when she blinked.

“...And… some whisper she’s a…” the girl paused self consciously and whispered, “A demon.”

Desdenova shrugged, carefully scrubbing a bit of grease from the glass, his back to the young woman.

“That’s just silly. So she has horns, you shouldn’t judge people on appearances. Especially around here,” he responded primly, before a sly grin crossed his lips, “She drives a good and hard bargain, there’s nothing intrinsically demonic about that, is there?”

“Well, no, I suppose not…”

“Next you’ll ask if she rides around on a broomstick and scries on people with a crystal ball. She’s a modern woman, and there’s computers and Roombahs, you know. She’s happily married, so all that naked carousing and stealing men’s penises and draining vitality are right out,” Desdenova added with a soft scoffing.

“...Uh. Oh. I heard she tells the future, too.”

“Then she already knows you’re here,” Desdenova replied, slow and sonorous, turning to regard her with wide and lightless dark eyes, like a creepy little goth doll. The girl gave a repugnant squeak despite herself, stepping back.

“Haha, oh, yeah. Well, then I suppose I can ask if she’s really part of the fae court…?”

Desdenova regarded her mournfully.

“One of my uncles is the Winter’s King. I’ve never seen her in court.”

“OH. So… You. Are part of …?”

“I’m not a fae.”

“But you just said…”

“How much of their attention do you want on you, lady?” Desdenova inquired, his head tilting, solemn as can be, “Most people don’t want any of it. It’s safer that way.”

“Well, fairies, you know, so magical and beautiful,” she twittered. Desdenova continued to stare at her, long enough to become creepy. He smiled abruptly. It did not lesson the creep factor.

“You sure are pretty, miss. What’s your name?”

The young lady jerked back, clutching her little e-pad to her chest, her eyes wide.

“Just just a reporter, you know, working girl,” she replied with a sick grin, “Hey, do those wards really work?”

“Of course they do,” Desdenova replied, still staring at her with his best unhinged but sweet smile.

“So… can I buy… a ward that averts like… fairies and witches and… stuff?” she inquired, glancing into the glass case. A little sign advertised ‘assorted wards’ beside a box with several wards arranged within it.

“Of course,” he responded, this time with a little bow, all the while never taking his gaze from her face, “What would you like?”

“Hah. You’re making me nervous. How about a ward that keeps fairies and witches and demons away?”

“I don’t mean to make a pretty lady nervous,” Desdenova assured her, staring, “That would be three separate wards, though.”

“Oh. Of course. ...Uh… Those…?” she asked, pointing at an assortment of premade wards. Desdenova reached under the counter and withdrew a box containing several wards, all rather large and somewhat gaudy.

“These are to avert fairies, these avert witches, these avert demons, and I recommend you also purchase the wards against vampires and thieves. Collect the whole set.”

“...Haha… Uh… Okay.” the girl simply picked up the wards Desdenova indicated and set them onto the counter. “How do they work?”

“Carry them on your person or keep them in your home,” he replied, “There’s instructions. Will that be all?” he inquired as he indicated the cash register.

“What’s the best way to avert evil…?” she asked uneasily.

“Salt. White candles. Sage. Silver,” Desdenova responded with a slight shrug, returning to his owlish stare.

“Yes, those, I’ll take those, too. ...For an apartment, you know? Like, 500 square feet…?” she assured him, becoming edgier by the moment. Desdenova gave her miffy glance before turning to gather up the components. He turned enough to let her see him pulling a pair of cotton gloves onto his hands before handling any of the items.

“Oh, and if you’re interested, one of the consignment artists just brought in a beautiful dreamcatcher, and a really nice necklace that turns away undead and ghouls and stuff,” Desdenova added, his tone sulky and reluctant.

“...Yes, I’ll take them.”

“Fine,” he muttered under his breath, fetching the articles he’d mentioned. He carefully packaged up her purchases before peeling off the gloves.

“Cash or credit?” he asked while ringing up the order.

“Debit okay?” she asked, handing him her card. Desdenova nodded, glancing at the name on the card before tucking it into the card reader. He pushed it to her a moment later.

“Pin number, please.”

“Okay,” she agreed, quickly tapping the number in. Desdenova nodded, finally handing her a receipt and her bag. She smiled in obvious relief to grab the sack of goodness, and clutched at it with her pad to her chest.

“Thank you. I really appreciate your help. Thank you…” she twittered as she backed for the door. Desdenova eyed the cash register coolly.

“You’re welcome. Oh, Miss Barker?”

The girl stopped cold, staring at the boy’s profile as he quietly finished up with the register.

“Nothing can stop Kharma. So I suggest you don’t do anything to really need those wards,” he told her, his creepy smile returning after he spoke. She bobbled her head. Her gaze abruptly fell upon a fine line of masculine totems for tantric magics. Desdenova watched her. She scurried from the shop a moment later.

Safiya leaned from the back office to look over the shop, narrowing her eyes on Desdenova. He returned her gaze, all innocence. He displayed the money Miss Barker had given him.

“I’ll buy lunch!”

“Great, because you’ll want to have Mallory’s hands busy with food when you tell her that you’ve convinced some ditz that she rides rampant through the night on a Roombah with a bag of fairy dicks and has a little devil working for her days.”

“I’m not evil. I’m chaotic. There’s a difference,” Desdenova insisted.
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Michelle Montoya
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Michelle Montoya » Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:06 pm

Have you heard?

Rumours about Michelle Montoya:

- Michelle Montoya has been seen holding hands with Jewell Ravenlock and Mallory Maeda

- The lost-and-returned Michelle was rescued from an underground prison beneath the Marketplace.

- Michelle has brought a curse on the Real RhyDin team, and any week she fights they are going to lose.

- After her loss in IFL Week 2 Michelle hasn't been allowed to stay or sleep in the team Survival Bunker.

- When Michelle came back from Hell she brought back a demon. It lives inside her.

- Michelle is having an affair, which is why her family hasn't come to see her IFL Matches and why she hasn't gone home to Atrebla.

- The Overbaker took a stress leave and is getting medical help.

Feel free to use any of this in your posts or live RP! It's all grist for the mill.
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Equilibrium » Sun Nov 24, 2019 10:38 pm

Rumor Has It...
  • Iron Fists League newcomer Sophia Song has zero fighting experience prior to this season.
  • Or Sophia has ties to semi-professional fighting rings in Terran Tokyo and Seoul as well as Little Asia in Rhydin.
  • Sophia's ever present entourage is a sampling of the extensive harem she keeps.
  • Speaking of harems, the rumor mill says that Sophia and King's Gambit teammate Li Xiaofan are on again, off again lovers. Currently off again after a public lover's quarrel in an exclusive New Haven restaurant.
  • Whispers talk of ties to an ever warring Triad, of which Sophia claims the title of The Goddess over her faction.
  • Others around Little Asia refer to her as the Mad Widow.
((All public rumor and conjecture, feel free to use it however.))
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Michelle Montoya
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Michelle Montoya » Sun Dec 01, 2019 10:52 pm

Rumour has it the Overlord Michelle Montoya attacked RhyDin's beloved Governor, Pharlen Von Tombs in a bloody affair at the Red Dragon Inn. RhyDin Rumours warns that she is armed and dangerous!
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Michelle Montoya
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Seasoned Adventurer
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Michelle Montoya » Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:57 am

There's a snapshot of Michelle and Bile talking together after his match against Grak of Team Fist. The caption says: "I have an offer for you."
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Li Xiaofan
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Li Xiaofan » Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:31 pm

The woman accompanying King's Gambit fighter Xiaofan Li to the Iron Fist Gardens last week was found unconscious near the Outback this Wednesday night from possible poisoning. Xiaofan Li and Sophia Song were seen speaking on what looks to be friendly terms that very same night over dinner.
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Seirichi » Sat Dec 07, 2019 5:39 am

Sources within the Phoenix Hotel in New Haven say that dueling celebrities Seirichi and Harris D'Artainian were heard arguing from their shared suite. What little that has been made out from the argument has Harris allegedly stating: "Really, you think I'd actually let her get to Adenna if that was even a remote possibility? If you're that worried these days then stay home and watch the kids like the housewife you wanna be." to which Seirichi responded with, "Then stay in RhyDin until this shit is handled! I'm done!" before exiting the suite while Harris was heard yelling out after, "I will! I have a yacht!"
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Delahada » Sat Dec 07, 2019 12:37 pm

Things people are saying about IFL team Deathcake's members:
  • Saila DeFortes is having a wild love affair with Real Rhydin's Jewell Ravenlock and the famously immortal Harris D'Artainian.
  • Canaan Devillier and Salvador Delahada are in league with the allegedly possessed Overlord Michelle Montoya and may in fact be entirely responsible for her condition.
  • Bettle the Goblin is not working under contract or being paid for her involvement on the team and is in fact a victim of slavery.
  • Canaan Devillier and Salvador Delahada are child killers looking for their next victims.
  • Yeardley Owens was married to and divorced from Salvador Delahada's brother at least six times.
  • Rekah Illyriana is said to be a renowned bee thief in the criminal underground. It is unclear whether this means that she steals bees, or steals from bees, or is part of a gang of thieves that are also bees.
  • Canalvador Devilhada, haven't you heard? What do you mean they're two separate people?
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Mallory » Sun Dec 08, 2019 11:19 am

Plucked from the tabloids...
  • Rumor has it that the Kabuki Street Community School Brass Band Club are escaped Japanese Self-Defense Force cyborgs, and that the Kabuki Street Heavenly Queens appointed them as a special independent squad in a secret ceremony held last night.
  • The brass band club is also rumored to have a secret headquarters somewhere underneath the school, that can only be reached by negotiating a labyrinth filled with basilisks.
  • During last night’s secret ceremony, Jewell Ravenlock met Mallory Maeda on Kabuki Street where they had a tense argument about Michelle Montoya’s occult fan club, and the army of red caps in Three Foxes Court that the sidhe uses to keep the rengou-kai in check.
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Mist Gul
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Mist Gul » Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:19 pm

Randomly, from the Grist Mill:
  • Respectable Healer and Nurse Practitioner Mist Silhaeven kidnapped Michelle Montoya's children.
  • Mist Silhaeven refused to return the children even when confronted by Michelle Montoya, Mallory Maeda, and Cane Devillier.
  • Mist was last seen in the Temple District behind the Little Church of Gaia.
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Ebon Ilnaren
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Ebon Ilnaren » Sun Dec 08, 2019 2:14 pm

A photo recently surfaced in the local tabloids that reportedly shows former Governor Ebon Ilnaren slipping out the back door of A Deft Touch, the recently opened "house of comforts" in New Haven. The image is hazy, and the photographer is unable to shed much light as he was found wandering the streets of that district, his mind scrambled.
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Tempest » Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:36 am

Kitty-Kitty Meow-Meow

New RhyDin Times Social Pages

Greetings, RhyDin! You do not know me yet, and how I envy you to now experience the Tempest! I bring to you dollops of the sins and foibles of the cream, or is it froth of society and share with you tidbits and treasures all in my own unique and wonderful way.

What a busy month is has been, no? With the IFL -- does anyone really know what that is? Instant Farce Legion? Oh. Silly me. Non, it is the Iron Fist League and their wonderfully ridiculous posturings and posing. Bread and Circuses, bread and circuses, the Governor certainly knows how to pull them in, n’est pas?

The glamourous governor shows her colors, one moment slogging through the filth of the charnel houses at the docks, the next, slinging noodles at a disreputable establishment with an anime version of her as its mascot, and finally, getting into a knife fight with an innocent customer at the Red Dragon Inn.

More like the grotesque governor, if you ask me, and I know you would have.

Speaking of Governors… Former Governor Ebon Ilnarin was recently photographed leaving a house of ill repute. Nuff. Said. Oh, except for someone scrambled the photographer’s brain. Because there simply must be a completely innocent reason for Ebon’s visit to ‘A Deft Touch’.

Oh Yawn. Sophia Song, newcomer to the rings, has herself a lovely little harem, and more power to you, darling, if you can’t fight, at least you can fornicate. Just another goddess slumming it up in RhyDin. You go, girl. But it sounds like you and Xiofan Li ought to cool it with the poison drinkipoos.

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle. I don’t care if you’ve got a demon inside you - I mean, gauche and passe, simply everyone who was anyone had their own evil inner demon… ten years ago. Maybe you should update to a techno-virus or something interesting. How about an evil twin? Remember, the evil one gets the goatee.

The so called overbaker - really? - has been screaming for attention for weeks now. One word: Slime. Darling, the better crowd uses glitter and wit to leave their mark; slime is, shall we say, fait de morve.

In a temper tantrum that would shock a toddler, Michelle stabbed Harris D’Artainian in the chest, resulting in quite a lot of concerned faces and stern measures. I mean really. Wasn’t it a popular sport, Harris Stabbing? Out of fashion, and why? I should think Harris Stabbing was a sport for all seasons and times.

Amusingly, all of this stabbing resulted in Harris ending up in the doghouse with his lovely bride, Seirichi. Or was that the yacht? Don’t be jealous of other women stabbing him, Seirichi dearest, better women than you have had that pleasure. And is there a little Harris in the oven? Un anchois puant tells us ...maybe. But I’m not particularly interested in going on Bump Watch.

And it simply would not be a gossip column without mentioning luscious Jewell Ravenlock. The Divine Lady has been schooling lovely lass Saila DeFortes around, after a rollicking to-do with both Michelle Montoya and Mallory Maeda. I’m not one to point fingers, but I am fairly certain that all the demon getting around led Jewell to a more colorful and less slime infested individual.

Which isn’t to say Mallory doesn’t have her own demonic persona, I mean. Parapluie. Need I say more? But you see, Michelle, she wears it so well. No slime.

A surprising addition is the handsome young adoptive father of ring-rat Amaris - Dear boy, at least put a comb through her hair now and then if you aren’t going to control her at all - Mist Silhaeven, after befriending Michelle Montoya, stole her children.

A respectable young… I suppose he does something respectable, he does seem to have some skill with healing, but is there even a child in RhyDin who can’t heal? There are legions of healers, one cannot even have a decent migraine with which to j’ai vu une chèvre without having a horde of healers descend upon one.

But really, Mist. Stealing a woman’s children. Whatever for? He insists for their safety, and I admit, slime is not healthy for children, however, can you imagine? It makes one wonder if young Amaris is simply acting out asking for help.

However, Cane Devillier, you know the man, brave and kind and charming, so what does he do behind closed doors? One does not keep close quarters with Salvador Delahada and play chess and arrange events for charity.

Cane bravely assured Michelle that he would return her children to her, why the police or the guard was not summoned to deal with this matter is beyond me, Mist is not exactly what I would call a master criminal. He is tall and delicious, and after finally cutting his hair, one may finally admire a frankly artistic backside, but he has all the mass of un pantalon serpent á deux têtes.

Finally, the goblin Bettle has been all the buzz lately, the gracieuse dame de la chanson has won the eye, and dare we say heart? Of that dashing hero, Cane. But a challenger approaches, Saila has been promising Bettle kisses for punches. I do hope they have a safe word.

That is all for now, my darling readers, all of the dirt fit to dish. I only serve the finest of scandal, look no further for the juiciest bits!


(RhyDin hasn’t had a snarky bitchy gossip diva in too long, and with all of this free gossip here, why, I could hardly resist! Post here or message Tempest if you’d like to end up on the wrong end of her fork. All in good fun, so if something she’s written doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll get that fixed. It’s entirely on purpose that almost everything is wrong!)
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Bailey Raptis
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Bailey Raptis » Mon Dec 09, 2019 10:53 pm

Disappointment and curiosity have accompanied Bailey Raptis’ decision to not personally fight his matches for Iron Fists League, choosing instead to send one of his statue proxies in his place to participate in his matches. Several rumors have been floated as to why he’s no-showed the Garden – and been scarce in general in public of late:
  • Bailey is a coward, who’s become afraid of getting hurt in the rings or being exposed as an overrated duelist.
  • That job Bailey took with Black Magic Burger? He’s already been fired from it, having been caught stealing from the cash register in a futile attempt to cover gambling debts incurred at The Line. He’s gotten in way over his head with Kalamere, The Line’s proprietor, and sending Proxinho out has kept the bookies off his tail.
  • Bailey’s proxy is only dueling on Team Fist because Matt Simon threatened to publicly release photos of the former Archmage making out with Runt after drinking too much Mad Fairy Ale at Orktoberfest.
  • Proxinho has imprisoned Bailey somewhere as revenge for enslaving them to his will for the past year.
  • Bailey had an awkward interaction with an ex who works for at an early IFL press conference, and he agreed to stay away from the Garden to make peace with his current partner, Zevarrna.
  • Jewell and Bailey are having an illicit affair, and the Empress has locked him in her bedroom to keep him at her beck and call.
  • Bailey’s on a romantic off world getaway with a club kid he met at the Callow dance club in Dockside.
  • Bailey’s responsible for the failure of the secondary wards – that marble bust mysteriously placed in the Arena last week? An attempt to replicate similar ward malfunctions caused by the Blindfold Proxy of old.
((Rumors written and brainstormed with the players of Eden, Jewell, Mallory, Michelle, and Saila. Many thanks to you all!))
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Re: It's the Rumor, the Legend, the Mystery.....

Post by Hope » Wed Dec 11, 2019 1:19 pm

A number of Rhy'Din tabloids have begun mercilessly pumping out propaganda about Real Rhy'Din's Captain Hope Naharis, one can't complete a shopping trip across the city without seeing some unsightly headlines:
- It's been reported that the fighters on Real Rhy'Din never signed onto this "bunker" idea and Hope is actually keeping them captive. She only lets them out to fight.
- Hope has been bankrupt for the past few years and is clinging to past glory; she is currently homeless to boot and spends her nights sleeping behind the bar in the Arena.
- The captain has been described as neurotic on the night of fights and insists that, "everyone has to have fun or else!"
- Our inside sources say that Hope is either absent at every board meeting for Real Rhy'Din or blatantly sleeps through investors concerns.
- Perhaps the most disturbing rumor yet is that she has not been spotting sleeping around and may in fact be a part of a secret cult that condemns promiscuity!
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