Hunter's Guild: Return to the Wilds

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Hunter's Guild: Return to the Wilds

Post by Hunters Guild » Mon Aug 17, 2020 6:56 pm



WANTED: Giant Forest Golem

Beneath all natural armor is a rocky puppet of magical make. While "peaceful" from a distance they have become a nuisance to our hard working ground team in the area. The guild is looking for brave adventurers willing to put an end to these walking constructs and bring us their still humming core for further investigation. Don't be fooled by their size and speed — they pack a powerful punch.

WANTED: Will-o'-the-wisp

Unlike the few numbered Giant Forest Golem, these ghastly buggers have been coming out in force; a quite deadly one at that. We need them cleared out and we're not only paying for pest control, but also for their ghostly essences. Purchase an essence collector from the Guild for an easier time, or else be prepared to get your hands sticky.

Warning: We're not responsible for any soul loss.

COLLECT: Sky Touched Gems

What appears to be simple purple gems are highly unstable lightning attuned aether shards. Due to their connection with multiple imagery on found artifacts the guild has started using "Sky Touched Gems" when referring to them. Original, we know. Gather as many of them as you can find and you'll be rewarded.

Warning: Keep behind statues when prying gems from sockets or else you'll be in for a deadly shock.

LOCATION: The Deep Wilds, within the ruined temple grounds.
Proof of Hunt: Humming Golem Core
Proof of Hunt: Ghostly Essence
Proof of Hunt: Collected Gems

WARNING: The guild is not responsible for any loss of limbs, sanity, life, etc. Proof of Hunts must be turned in to the Hunter's Guild Headquarters in Old Market.


(( OOC: This is a writing prompt that will last throughout the months of August and September! Feel free to respond on the boards, play out the hunt in the public rooms, or even having your character talk about completing a hunt. As long as you visibly write something related to your character completing 1 - or all - of the hunts. These hunts can be used, along with past and future completed hunts, to apply for the Small Game Hunter achievement: and will also be rewarding icons to your profile depending on the rank(s) of completion (Gold / Silver / Bronze. You can collect all three! Let your imagination run wild and enjoy! ))
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Re: Hunter's Guild: Return to the Wilds

Post by Aiden Harper » Wed Aug 26, 2020 9:12 pm

Koyan's questions about the Will o' the Wisps he'd captured had him flashing another quick grin. "Yeah, they're on the list this month. I'll probably get a few hundred for each of them. I found some of the gems they wanted, too, so that's some extra coin." He twisted a little to fish a couple of the purple gems out of the pockets of the pack that held the Wisps. He showed those to the Turk as they walked. "I've got a few for En and for Spock, too." ***

***Taken from live play with Koyan

After the incident at the Golden Perch Inn, Aiden only had two live Wisps to turn into the guild. He supplemented the haul with a handful of the purple crystals, some just jagged shards, that he'd collected during the hunt. Even the splinters were still completely charged!
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Re: Hunter's Guild: Return to the Wilds

Post by Patris » Mon Sep 14, 2020 5:46 pm

At the close of the season and his eventual return to the city, the man makes his visit to the Guild's proof-of-hunt claims window in Old Market. After many exciting summer adventures in the wilds, he presents copious amounts of all three proofs: humming golem cores, ghostly essences, and sky touched gems.
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