Hunter's Guild: The February Hunt

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Hunters Guild
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Hunter's Guild: The February Hunt

Post by Hunters Guild » Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:33 pm

The February Hunt
. . .
WANTED: Bronze Wyvern
With last years culling of the Red Wyverns the Bronze have begun an almost frantic attempt at securing the former territory of their Red brethren. A request for aid was made by the Hidden Sun tribe of Cadentia for assistance in slaying these nuisances.
A few of these beasts have even been spotted at the outskirts of RhyDin City. Their bite is highly venomous, as is their breath attacks.
WANTED: Rock Scorpions
They were mostly a problem in the south, but it seems many were taken into the city with quarried stone, these creatures have been burrowing into masonry and cobblestones and attacking passersby. Be careful not to be stung as their venom can cause stone paralysis.
WANTED: Crystal Spider Web
The webbing of a crystal spider is more durable and lightweight even compared to mythril. Hunters up for a less dangerous task by delve into the depths of the Underground and collect as much of this webbing as possible. The crystal spiders bite can cause crystallization of the infected zone, so be sure to bring gloves.
LOCATION: Cadentia Desert
LOCATION: RhyDin City, the Underground
Proof of Hunt: Fangs, Scales, venom sac, the whole body. Payment will increase with the more you bring in.
Proof of Hunt: Scorpion Stinger
Proof of Hunt: Crystal Spider Webbing. As much of it as possible.
. . .

WARNING: The guild is not responsible for any loss of limbs, sanity, life, etc.

(( OOC: This is a writing prompt! Feel free to respond on the boards, play out the hunt in the public rooms, or even having your character talk about completing a hunt. As long as you visibly write something related to your character completing 1 - or all - of the hunts. These hunts can be used, along with past and future completed hunts, to apply for the Small Game Hunter achievement: and will also be rewarding icons to your profile depending on the rank(s) of completion (Gold / Silver / Bronze. You can collect all three! Let your imagination run wild and enjoy! ))
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Re: Hunter's Guild: The February Hunt

Post by Aiden Harper » Wed Feb 12, 2020 11:14 pm

Bronze Wyvern / Gold Mark

Aiden Harper Somewhere in the distance.....*rawwr*. Probably Runt beating up Jewel.
Aiden Harper *Flapflapflap* A little closer. *Crash!* Something hit a building. *Grawwwwk!* And then someone cursing?
Aiden Harper Thankfully, there was no one outside to view the idiocy about to break free of a side street and onto the main road in front of the Inn. Well, except that car that sudden veered and honked *Hoooooonk!*A wyvern came first, flying not quite high enough to clear the buildings. Bronze and beautiful, it was drunkenly flapping through the air and shrieking out a protest for the rope lashed around one hind leg and the man attached to the other end of it. *Graawk!*Guess who. Only three, first two don't count.
Aiden Harper The wyvern was bleeding from the tail, which no longer had a stinger. One point for the Rope Idiot! Still, the creature was strong enough to stay in the air despite having been snared by a back leg. The wyvern switched directions when the man on the ground yanked the rope with a mighty heave. *Grunt* "Fuck!" All that momentum and suddenly no resistance, he was stumbling back as the creature swooped down on him with slashing claws. *GRAWWWK!*
Aiden Harper The wyvern pounced and Aiden went down under its claws, right out there in the middle of the street. Kind of far away to see the details maybe? Was there feathers of some sort? Wings? Surely they were all those flappy wyvern wings. *Grawwk!* A hot bolt of light exploded out from under the wyvern, propelling it back. Awww, poor thing. it was floundering like a beached fish.
Aiden Harper Aiden was pulling himself off the ground. He barely made it to his feel when the thrashing wyvern's claws knocked out his legs again. He crashed right back down...laughing. Of course he was laughing.
Aiden Harper Snowing. It was snowing again. And the Wyvern had managed to get back on its feet. It lunched into the air....sort of. It was aimed more toward the inn. The front of the inn. *Grawk!*
Aiden Harper Poor Aiden. he was all slashed up And *still* laughing. *Crash!* This time it was the wyvern slamming into the front porch, grabbing on to anything it could, trying to launch itself back into the air *Grawkgrawkgrawk* So desperate.
Aiden Harper Aiden was back on his feet somehow, looking a whole lot worse for the wear. But he had the rope! *Yank!*The wyvern got yanked and it caused it's body to turn so one wing went crashing through the front window. Glass was flying!*Zapzap!* more white lightening flashing.
Aiden Harper The wyvern gave one last shudder and one last pitiful *grawk?* before it died. Oh, cruel, cruel world. Why hast thou forsaken me.Aiden was half bent over, still laughing, lumberjack shirt in tatters across his chest, one leg of his jeans completely missing. A *prime* target for Rhys' attack.
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Yuzuki Kuwabara
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Re: Hunter's Guild: The February Hunt

Post by Yuzuki Kuwabara » Fri Feb 14, 2020 12:47 am

Early Friday morning Yuzuki drove to the hunters guild, bringing in a crate with some damaged rock scorpion stingers to claim silver marks for herself and Reira Tanaka.

( fight with scorpions scene viewtopic.php?f=152&t=32438&p=193386#p193386 )
Rage of Rorgos
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Re: Hunter's Guild: The February Hunt

Post by Rage of Rorgos » Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:49 am

Bronze Wyvern / Gold Mark
((Taken from logs of live play in The Anchor with Pharlen -- thanks for hosting, and playing along!))

Rorgos always liked places like the Anchor -- places without doors per se -- because he didn't have to worry about the fact that he was six and a half feet tall (nearly seven with his horns) and many taverns leaned this way or that and had cramped doorways and low rafters. It also gave him additional room if he was carrying something over his shoulder, such as a weapon on his back that extended up quite a bit, like a gilded glaive, or a recent kill, such as a bronze-scaled wyvern.

Today, he happened to be carrying both; but rather than looking proud of his stature, soaking up the attention of the people who whistled or clapped appreciatively as his mighty, muscular form went by with his fearsome weapon and his impressive kill, he seemed to be blushing, showing shades of pink and red in the more thinly furred spots on his face, and avoiding eye contact. He grunted brusquely as he ducked past a couple of fine ladies of the evening pulling an early shift and extending their (very long) cybernetic arms out towards him to beckon, and moved through the static shield with a loud sigh of relief that whickered through his snout.

"Welcome! Would you care for a bowl of todays special or a refreshing drink?" Today it was an anthro mouse-boy AI, beaming as the mino entered. A few appreciative eyes were cast over Rorgos, and Pharlen double-took on the being, but, quickly realized that this wasn't any of the minos that she knew. Desdenova squinted, eying the ex-wyvern on Rorgos' back. Likely wondering if it was a parrot purchased in bad faith or a recent kill.

"Do not order todays special unless you really seriously enjoy extremely hot pepper and garlic," Pharlen put in, looking from Rorgos to Des. "See? Disclaimers are needed."

Desdenova made a teenager sound and disappeared under the bar.

The kill seemed to be bundled up pretty well, and wasn't (currently) bleeding on the floor. Rorgos gave Pharlen a bewildered sort of blink for a moment, taking in her appearance, Desdenova's, and that of the holo-server nearby; then he stated excitedly, "I love hot pepper and garlic! How much for a large bowl?"

There were a few crates stacked near the holonet console on the back wall just to the left of the bar, and he thudded his way over to one of them. Large fingers carefully input a code on top of one of the reinforced plasteel crates, and it hissed open, giving him enough room to heave in the body of the wyvern. "Trying not to make a mess here... sorry," he instinctively apologized, though it did not look like anything had splattered on the floor.

"It's like all the insane south westerners came here. I blame Carlos Casteneda," Pharlen muttered, twitching. "A large bowl of the special is always two nobles. Brutis! Another bowl of your demon's jockstrap ramen!" And that was quickly brought out, the AI toted out a large bowl to set onto the bar for Rorgos. She eyed his work and shook her head. "That's why the place is programmed to clean up, but it doesn't look like you've made any mess. Where'd you bring this one down?" she asked, curiously. "I got it!" Desdenova yelled from under the bar. He was reprogramming.

"Hm? Oh, um, Rose Knight's Run," Rorgos said, distracted both by sealing up the container and sending out a notice that it was ready for pickup by the Hunter's Guild, and the prospect of his late lunch-- essentially anything but the details of his kill. "I was there with some of my colleagues, having a skirmish-- you know," tapping the weapon on his back for indication. "A friend of mine had been out in the area with her wife recently, talked about how pretty it was and how the wyvern screams echoed off the rocks... But, one of the wyverns showed up. So, that was a situation." A little understated, as he scooped up the bowl to take a long drink of the spicy broth...
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