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The Boss

Post by Xiao Hu » Sun Mar 22, 2020 12:52 pm

Dear Momma,

I finally got that door fixed. I know what you're thinkin, 'cause you were always thinkin it, why didn't I just go and buy a new one? That's not our way. Speakin' of old, I made sure to dust off your tea set today and added a new member of it. Man at the show said the porcelain's been restored so it fits right in. Had to give the others a little love 'cause they were gettin' a little jealous. Street's been pretty tame lately. Been workin' hard to set the boys up for success and not just short term either. I keep tryin' to get them to go get an education and make somethin' of themselves but you know how they are. Never gonna give up on 'em just have to keep tryin'. Anyways I gotta get goin' but I just wanted to keep you up to date.

Much love,

Your little Xiaohu

Banyan creaked beneath him when he stood up. He folded the letter making sure the corners lined up just right, then smoothed the middle crease before slipping it inside the envelope on the desk. His face scrunched in a cringe at the taste of the wax on the back before depositing it inside the drawer in his desk. Laughter infiltrated the office. He tugged on the brass lamp string and gave the room a long look.

"Had some good times in here, huh?"

He rest his hand on the desk. His shoulders rose at the knock on the door. He traced the edge of the desk as his feet began to pull him away. The touch lingered until his index tip was the last connection. He let go. Outside of the study leaning against the windows was a man no shorter but more lean.

"Got some salt creepin' in there old man." His smile encroached and relieved his forehead of those creases.

"Don't make my first act as Boss be smacking you over the head. I'm still your elder." Feng snapped back.

Piles of tiles sat sprawled across the stained felt. All eyes fell on him and where there had been joyous laughter was now vapid silence. No one spoke for the remainder of the night.
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