Kabuki Street Community School

“The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

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Haku Kubo
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Re: Kabuki Street Community School

Post by Haku Kubo »

Haku wasn't a student of HSCS but she did spend much time there throughout the past 2 years; after all her sister in law is the principal and her sister is the school nurse. That and the fact that Yuina had asked her to prom! Haku went along with the starry theme, choosing a blueish dress that she thought matched well with the lighter blonde hair she was currently sporting due to the Valentine concert last month.

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Re: Kabuki Street Community School

Post by PrlUnicorn »

To the Administration of the Kabuki Street Community School,

In lieu of taking part in the date auction, I have arranged for a trust account, supported by the MacLeod Foundation, to be opened at the First Goblin Bank of Rhy'Din in Old Market to benefit the music department.


Colleen MacLeod
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Re: Kabuki Street Community School

Post by Mallory »

Hello, students and family and friends of the school! I have exciting news!

On Thursday night, the Tranquility Ballroom Date Auction raised 1,006,621,801 silver nobles! With a small part of these funds, Kabuki Street Community School will be opening a new conservatory, named the Wellston Conservatory in honor of the fundraiser's organizer, the talented musician Regina Wellston. Another part of the funds will be set aside for our school's graduates (past, present, and future!) for scholarships, apprenticeships, and training, as well as general school improvements. The rest will be redistributed to charities in need selected by the school board.

In addition, Colleen MacLeod has generously arranged for a trust supported by the MacLeod Foundation to provide support to our music department. Thank you, Colleen! There may be other things coming the music department's way soon, so keep an eye on our school bulletin board and newsletter!

We will be making minor renovations to the music rooms and building the attached conservatory during the summer break, breaking ground on July 18th of this year, and looking to open at the start of the second term on September 14th. Please look forward to it!

Wishing you all the best in the new school year,
Mallory Maeda, Classics Teacher
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Yuzuki Kuwabara
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Re: Kabuki Street Community School

Post by Yuzuki Kuwabara »

On Saturday night, after the KSCS graduation ceremony Yuzuki found a moment between the end of the celebration and the one to follow at Tacos Tacos with the rest of Rappapa to visit the new Rappapa club room. Located in the upper floor of the new dojo building that Asami had bought, it now contained all of the relics and keepsakes that they had chosen to take with them from the old school pool building club room. Yuzuki had a new keepsake to add, to the wall already well decorated with photographs and trophies, a snap of the four Rappapa heavenly queens taken by Asami just after the graduation ceremony.

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