Trick or Treat! The Ultimate Spooky Showdown! (Event)

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Re: Trick or Treat! The Ultimate Spooky Showdown! (Event)

Post by Mallory » Mon Oct 19, 2020 8:06 pm

It was not until the infernal spirits of a little white hellcat and her (fruit) bat friend followed the witch all the way from the Lyceum door to the Cadenria portal a third time that she decided to visit Bella and make it official. Three was a significant number, after all, when it came to magic.

“Doesn’t matter how it sounds in Infernal — Asmodea and Blackberry are pretty terrible names,” she told them when they attacked her shoelaces. As with the previous two times, they were entirely undeterred. “Would you — Yeah. Sorry, Bella — I’m in,” she clarified.
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Re: Trick or Treat! The Ultimate Spooky Showdown! (Event)

Post by Royal » Sat Oct 31, 2020 3:08 am

It's time for the Trick OR Treat reveal!
With 53 points the Ultimate Spooky Showdown winner is.. TREATS!

Our Treats this Spooktober were Haru, Rachael, Alasdair, Mallory, and Neekylah!
Our Tricks with 37 points were Jaycy, Mairead, Eregor, Sylista, and Amaris!

The following Spooky Showdown Fighters who dueled four times in magic throughout October will receive the Treat Mystery Box!

Haru, Alasdair Galloway, Jaycy Ashleana, and Eregor!

Inside the Treat Mystery Box you will find... Two wins that will be added to your record, 5000 Silver Nobles, and a basket full of tasty treats! From an assortment of chocolates, suckers, and rice crispy treats too!

(( Thank you everyone who participated throughout the month of October! Icons will be sent out soon:tm:, probably in a week or two! Have a great Halloween! ))
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