Twilight Isle Closed Temporarily

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Twilight Isle Closed Temporarily

Post by Claire Gallows » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:33 am

Early Monday, the portal to the isle was locked and upon it a note left for patrons and isle denizens alike;


Twilight Isle has been temporarily closed to the public. No need to panic, we intend to be reopened and running normally as soon as possible. Keepers may still access their towers via their tower keys though we recommend that they remain in their towers and do not venture out onto the Isle proper until the all clear is given. Please direct all inquiries to Claire Gallows or Priscilla Specter. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

-The Management

[[Tied to this thread. As stated above, Keepers still have full access but otherwise the Isle is closed to the public. OOC Knowledge Only: The Isle will be reopened no later than Tuesday night (4/16) and will be open in time for public dueling. A follow up announcement will be made tomorrow to announce that but please do not have your character know this information in advance or magically "fix" the portal or issue occurring on the Isle.

Thank you!]]
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