Magical Doorways

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Magical Doorways

Post by Kenzi »

Kenzi stood inside her closet and stared at the shimmering golden light that barely glittered along the solid back wall. "Alright, how did I go through the other day?" She paused then, a frown marring her features. "Okay, it wasn't really the other day, was it? I mean it was the fuck have two days passed when I only went through and came right back?"

The two days wasn't the real problem, either. It was the two years before it that bothered her so much. Two years had gone by in Rhydin time but it hadn't seemed like she had been in that other place for so long. It was certainly a terrifying enough place, quite possibly it was Hell, but it had seemed like only a handful of days she'd been there.

Since her return, she could sometimes see these...doorways. Always just a barely visible illumination. There was no rhyme or reason as to where they would appear and she was relatively certain that most of the people around her couldn't see them. Or maybe they were just really good at ignoring magical doorways (or what she assumed were doorways) right in their path as they walked harmlessly through the light and continued on their way?

She'd been back for a month now and from what she could drag out of her roommates (still such stoners), everyone had thought she had just run off like so many people in Rhydin tend to do. There'd been no official investigation because there was no one (except for the stoners) to file a report. Kenzi had spent her life behind self-erected walls, always keeping people at a distance, and she had apparently done a fantastic job at it. Besides, people disappeared from Rhydin everyday. Luckily, her roommates were not only too lazy to file a missing persons report, they were also too lazy to get rid of her stuff so when she returned, everything was just as it had been.

Leaning against the wall of her closet now, she thought about Six and the last time she'd seen him. Kenzi's shoulders slumped and began to heave slightly as fear and grief threatened to overwhelm her. She gave in to the emotions for only a moment before taking a deep breath and gritting her teeth. This wasn't the time for a breakdown. "Okay, no. Not doing this shit right now. Just need to figure out how the hell I got there from here. I must be entirely fucking crazy to think about going back." Kenzi puffed out her cheeks as she released an anxious breath. "What choice do I have, though? I have to find him before they hurt him even more."

She hadn't yet allowed herself to dwell on the fact that because time passed so much more quickly there, he was likely already dead. There was no word other than monsters to describe what she'd seen there. Even being raised in Rhydin hadn't prepared her for what they had encountered and endured. So, no, definitely no dwelling on his fate.

Kenzi pressed a hand to the back wall of her closet, through the golden light, and then watched as her hand and half of her forearm disappeared. It was really discombobulating to see half of her arm just float through a wall. "So all I have to do is just step through it. Just like last time." After pulling her arm back through and inspecting it for damage, of which there was none evident, she lifted her backpack of provisions. "Dimi, you asshole, that was the last job I ever help you with. If we survive this...I'm done." The words were whispered under her breath as stepped through the glittering doorway with her heart pounding so hard as if it was playing the cacophony of her doom... which it very likely was.

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