Hydra 2016 Victor

The Second Best Dueling Event of the Year!

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Hydra 2016 Victor

Post by Hydra Corporation » Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:31 am


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7 Weeks

6-0 Record pre-playoffs.

5 Fighters in the Top 10 Leader Board

4 matches with a +4 point lead difference

3 Former Diamonds.

1 Slugfest Champion

1 All Title Holder DoF

Please give a huge round of applause for Eden, Hope, Bailey, Gren, and Kheldar for a stellar season and massive performances.

They didn't get there alone however. They had many challenges to overcome in their competitors. Royal Pains, chief among them. Hydra-Foil made a huge statement with their 21-7 win over the Misfits in Week one, telling everyone that they came to play. Kirost didn't let that get to them and faced Hydra-Foil again in Week 6, going 18-10. And we can't forget The Rock Hards with their charismatic leader, Kruger, belting out riffs and riding an emotional lightning bolt in every one of his matches.

2016 turned out to be the kind of season the first three were hoped to be from pre-season up to Playoffs.

Since their powerful performance this previous summer, the Hydra-Foils, while separated, have gone on to continue to show that each individual part is as powerful as the whole.

Both Eden and Baily have won the title of Archmage, no doubt thanks to words of encouragement from their teammate Gren along with tenures as elemental Keepers on the Twilight Isle.

Kheldar, a staple fixture of the Outback, continues to be a solid presence in Diamond Quests and as a caller.

Gren can be seen dueling in all three venues as well as encouraging newer duelists to persevere and maintaining appearances in various tournaments.

Hope went on to appear in several DoS tournaments and hold Baronies and be one more powerful female figure around the dueling venues just like her captain Eden.

These are your 2016 Hydra Champions.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
(( OOC

This is extremely, and inexcusably, overdue to everyone involved in the last, and what appears to be final season of Hydra.

I won't offer excuses or try to justify how immensely I failed you all, both as a fellow community member, and a leadership figure. I'm not the only one among us who works full time, goes to college full time, plus has a young family. I screwed up, and it didn't just hurt me. I wasn't the only one affected by it. That is, and continues to be, one of my crosses to bear. I'm immeasurable sorry. I broke your trust, and that's something I don't think I'm ever going to be able to fully earn back.

I ordered the inventory icons (RoH) in mid-July and still have not received any notification about if they're going to arrive and am waiting to get them from the RDI system to dispense your well deserved awards.

None of you will begin to know how long I sat staring at blank documents trying to get these words to surface in a legible manner and not just nonsensical ramblings.

I let you down. And I have a lot of work ahead to try and make up for that.

I care about this community, and each of you, otherwise I wouldn't have stepped up to be a Coordinator. There weren't many who did. But I failed you all by not making sure this community remains as important a priority in my life as the rest of my responsibilities. RL should always come first for all of you, as much as myself. But not at the cost of one or the other.

I'm sorry and I hate seeing a lack of faith in me, and my leadership, harm the enjoyment of the community. I'm trying to re-engage with the community and step up among you. I just hope you're all willing to give me another chance.

- Race


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