Fall Benefits Ball

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Fall Benefits Ball

Post by Roni » Sun Nov 22, 2020 11:52 am

Over the past week, slowly there's been signs popping up everywhere. Roni herself hasn't been putting them up, but someone has. And there's flyers left at every business that's allowed her, and up on every bulletin board as well. Anywhere there is a possible surface for notices, there's a flyer there.

Each and every one of them read:


Harvest Benefits Ball! Come out for a good night of drinks, fancy dressing and dancing the night away late into the morning hours!

There's a suggested donation fee of $20 per entry (though not needed), and all proceeds will go towards the funding of the Healing Hearts Sanctuary.

What is the Healing Hearts Sanctuary, you ask? Well in a couple of months it will be a fully equipped shelter, for both men, women and anyone else who may fall elsewhere within or out of the gender spectrum. There will be housing, provided food and programs in place to help people begin picking up their lives and starting new, after leaving everything behind for the sanctity of peace of mind. Work programs, hopefully partnerships with different businesses to provide understanding and kind places of work for those of delicate mindsets.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to find the right partner, or sometimes people fall into the wrong situation or work they don't want to be in, and can't find an escape. The Healing Hearts Sanctuary will be that escape, and that safe place to heal, put your life together, and get started once again.

We want people to come and enjoy themselves, but would also appreciate it if other businesses owners interested in offering safe places to work, or even sponsorship would show as well! To be able to give back and help a community that helped me find my own freedom, would be nothing short of amazing. So if you're feeling interested, being yourself, and your finest dress, and maybe, if you're feeling generous a donation, and finally come enjoy yourself for a fun night!

Where: Icarus Estate
When: December 5th. 2020
Time: 8pm (est)
Cost: Suggested donation of $20, not required.

((Will update with a thread for setting and outfits later, promise!))
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