Spay Days!

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Spay Days!

Post by Pharlen » Tue May 14, 2019 7:22 pm

The RhyDin Humane Society is sponsoring Spay Days, May 15th to 19th.

Bring your beloved pet dog, cat, rabbit, flitter, pseudo drag, tribbles (esp. tribbles), mini pigs, porgs, mogwai, goats, rats, and almost any other pet for a thorough spaying/neutering. Appropriate shots and rabies vaccines will also be available.

No Charge!

Bring out your strays, feral or not! Bring them in, we will spay, tip, vaccinate, and release or hold them for adoption. Help control the population of stray animals, and get a certificate for a free mini-tart from Bak'd! (One per person)

No Charge!

NO were-folk or sentients, please! If in doubt, the veterinarian clinics around town will have people on staff who can discern cat from cait sith and the like.

Swing into a quiet spring without the melodious yowlings of the local animals looking for love!

Please have all animals leashed or in carrier or cage.

*Absolutely NO hellbeasts unless they are properly constrained!*

((Just a little thingy to have some fun with! Thank you, Michelle <3 for the tarts!))
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