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Stories from an alternate post-Sanyumato Rhydin.

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In-Character Overview

Post by Goldglo » Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:13 pm

In stark contrast to the swiftness of the storm itself, the aftermath of Sanyumato would carry on for decades. What ShadoWeaver and MoonBeryl wrought, what manifested as Sanyumato, took years of arduous toil to mask. However, the underlying effects would never, could never, be undone. Rhydin itself was forever changed and try as they might, no amount of magical or technological knowhow had been able to reverse the fateful mistake ShadoWeaver and MoonBeryl had made.

The Nexus was no more.

Rhydin became little more than a shell of itself.

Sanyumato, in its moment of unparalleled fury, pummeled the entire city and each district with unrelenting force. Three-quarters of Rhydin's populace did not survive the night and thousands more died from disease, starvation and murder over the succeeding months.

Over the next 16 years, Rhydin rose again but not like a phoenix from the ashes; the Rhydin that remained and rebuilt was not a city of splendor or beauty or something greater than it was. The Rhydin that survived was a disjointed fragment. The diaspora that took place after Sanyumato affected everything and everyone who remained, along with those who dared to settle there in the ensuing years. Businesses, homes, people, families – all were forever changed in that one horrific night.

Of those who did stay behind to rebuild, to try and reclaim their lives, to better their stations; of those who tried to simply cope or who sought to overcome tragedy; of those who came after to take advantage or to lend aid; of those who became Rhydin – these are some of their stories.
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