Pirate Dueling Weekend Results

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Pirate Dueling Weekend Results

Post by Amaltea » Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:58 am

It was a fantastic weekend!

From Pirate Parlay in the RDI to No Quarter Given in RoH!!

Not only did we talk like pirates we dueled like pirates! As you all know, during the 3 dueling events points were accumulated to receive the main prize which was the Black Pearl. The mysterious Black Pearl as explained in the announcement is imbued with Special Skill Enhancement powers. The Pearl grants the owner mage, emerald, and warlord powers for 3 weeks starting today until October 13th. After counting the points Shadowlord wins the Pearl with 20 points! Congratulations Shadowlord!!

The point distribution is as follows:

Serpent of Storms - 4
Nayun - 1
Kruger - 2
Pietro Ichetovkin - 2
JC - 4
Resolute - 2
Awkward - 4
Blue - 4
Scourge - 1
The Bosun - 1
Shadowlord - 20
Zack Alcar - 12
Matt - 5
Gren - 3
Ahni - 3
Shark Bait - 4
Jewell - 1
Queen - 1
Salty - 1

All prizes have already been distributed. If I made a mistake either with the prizes or the points send me a PM.

I want to thank all the players that showed up to participate in the events. I also want to thank all the callers, Imp, Peaches and Apple, for making this possible. More thank yous to the admin staff that helped out with the idea and last but not least the callers that showed up for their shifts.
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