Takamine Wedding (Mar 13, 2018)

What do you get when you throw characters from different settings together?

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Takamine Wedding (Mar 13, 2018)

Post by PC » Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:56 am

((This is an old post from back in 2018))

Na-rae Cheon and Izumi Takamine will be wed at the Toyako Onsen. Guests may arrive on Friday, March 30th and will be provided free room and board for their weekend stay.
The wedding will take place on Saturday, March 31st at 4:00 PM and will be followed by dinner and reception.

Nana will be asked not to sing and Morgan, if he shows, will have to empty his pockets before leaving. Jin, the head of the Chae Dynasty (doesn't matter if you're first male heir or not, KC) and Eri, captain of the Kabuki Street Rengou-kai, will be given seats of honor - along with their significant others.

Free fireworks will be provided at the end of the night. Just try not to burn the place down.

Toyako Onsen

Reception Hall

Guest Rooms

Izumi's Dress

Na-rae's Dress

((These are the responses the thread received. Wanted to save them should/if the old thread is deleted! Thank yous to all who replied.))


Eri arrived to take her seat of honor. She smiled cheerfully throughout, even if weddings did make her cry.



Of course Jin was there, likely with Charlie in tow. She came early, stayed late, ate a ton, and drank none (at least nothing alcoholic). First on the dance floor (aside from the new couple, that is), she had a hell of a time, and didn't even cry during the ceremony. As a gift, she brought the newlyweds coordinated bedding and towel sets. Practical af.



Mallory took her seat beside Eri, dressed to honor the occasion - red for love and winter, floral for the spring that was slow to come to these mountains.

She and Eri brought a stand mixer for the new couple. It was a big, bright teal monster, and heavy enough that the witch decided to put it next to the gift table instead of chancing a collapse.



Her Izumi! Getting Married! Pharlen was thrilled. She and Jack arrived with little Alice, all smiles. Jack in a dark suit, of course, and Pharlen and Alice wearing mommy-daughter dresses, made with bright Tinkerbelle print chintz. Because weddings should be magic, if one asked Alice about her dress.

They brought in to sit beside the big stand mixer a beautifully restored Magnavox Magnificent, which had both AM and FM radio and a turntable, and she added in a Bluetooth gizmo so it could play music from cel phones.

Stocked, of course, with several romantic 78 and 33 albums to enjoy with it.

The beautiful Magnificent


Jackie Von Tombs

Jackie followed her parents in, wearing her best wedding goth, black and pale blue, towing along her little brother Desdenova, adorbs in a matching suit.

Jackie thumped a big wrapped box onto the table: an Instant Pot pressure cooker, with recipe book. Desdenova brought along a bonsai 'Money Tree' grove, several little water chestnut trees braided into a grove. A note came with it, showing its care and feeding, and promised to look after it if needed.

They also promised not to play "The Ring" with any of the televisions at the resort.
- Na-rae Takamine
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