2019 Madness Tournament Rules & Registration -- OPEN!

The Most Anticipated Tournament of the Year

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2019 Madness Tournament Rules & Registration -- OPEN!

Post by PC » Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:01 pm


  • Please fill out the registration form to enter.
  • Official updated brackets will be available on the web at http://duelingzone.org/madness. The dates of each round of the tournament may also be posted there.
  • Deadline to register is Sunday, March 3rd, 2019 at 8:59 PM EST . Seeding will then be done and the brackets for the tournament will be posted by Friday, March 8th. The first day for tournament dueling will be Thursday, March 14th. Dates may change depending on registration, but these are what we expect to use.
  • Rosters, including email addresses, and Character/Forum names for each division, will be sent out by the division manager no later than the day after brackets are posted. Please use this list to schedule matches. And the sooner roster spots fill up, the sooner we can set everything up.
  • NOTE: Your email address will become known to many people. If you are using a character you do not wish to become public knowledge, it is recommended to create a name using a free email site like gmail or yahoo.

~*~ RULES ~*~

  • A maximum of 64 duelists shall be allowed to enter.
  • Brackets will be divided into 4 divisions each with 1-16 seeds, or as close as possible. Seeding will be completed by a seeding commission and based entirely at their discretion.
  • For a one week grace period, preference will be given to established characters (eg: have official dueling records or on league teams, etc.)
    over unknown characters. After the one week grace period, everyone applying will be seeded.
  • Players shall be limited to 2 characters. While this is obviously the honor system for the most part, please respect this criteria.
  • Everyone will duel at their Duel of Swords rank and under standard fancy rules.(eg: baron and overlord fancy restrictions will be in place)
  • Duelists will have one week to complete matches (two weeks for the first round). The matches MUST be completed during the dates on the current round's bracket. Matches fought for this tournament will also be counted in a character's regular DoS record.
  • Matches may only be completed during regular dueling operating hours.
The weekly dueling dates for the tournament are Thursday through Monday, during Fight Nights at the Dueling Venues.
  • The duel MUST be registered using the extended-dueling code. [ Example: ?stab x "Character name" 1 ]. The 1 makes sure that the bot will call duels past the 15th round. This instruction will be added to the weekly division emails. While a duel going past the 15th round will be registered on the weekly standings as a tie, there are NO TIES in the Madness Tournament; so the fight must continue on past the 15th round.
  • The duel MUST be started during regulation hours. Regulation hours are 8 PM EST through 1 AM EST nightly.
In order to keep things running smoothly, I cannot make any exceptions to these time frames.
  • Contact between the two duelists must be made by Wednesday of the dueling week.
  • You must include your division manager on all scheduling emails.
  • Problems with scheduling must be brought to the attention of the division manager.
  • If the deadline passes without the match being complete and no emails have been sent to the manager regarding scheduling difficulties, BOTH duelists will be declared in forfeit and eliminated from the tournament.
  • When the deadline for match completion passes, emails from matches not completed will be evaluated and the one at fault for not scheduling will be disqualified.
  • All Duel of Swords rules must be followed when dueling a match for DoS Madness. The sole exception to this rule is that there will be no ties allowed for DoS Madness. Should no winner be declared after 15 rounds, the match will continue, however, the DoS standings will still reflect a tie for the two duelists involved. Please note, if a duelist is ahead by one point after fifteen rounds, they will be declared the winner. There is no five point minimum to score in this tournament.
  • Should a situation arise where a player has two characters facing each other, that situation may be resolved in any way the player deems fit so long as at least one character is eliminated from competition. However, no duel will actually take place or be played out during regular DoS hours. A player using two characters to duel against each other would be in major violation of DoS policy. Therefore, in this circumstance, the player will be asked which character they want to have advance by a score of 5-3 in ten rounds and that will be noted in the Tournament results. For IC purposes and reasoning, this match will have been considered a special circumstance and was held outside of normal DoS hours. The player may play this match out if they wish, however no DoS official will be there under his/her DUEL name to call, and this result will not count towards their regular record.

~*~ PRIZES ~*~

First Place:
  • One challenge right:
    • Test Free Challenge vs the Overlord, Or...
    • Test Free Challenge vs the Baron of your choice.
  • AND:
    • 10 WoL added to your record and a Baron Challenge Grant to be given to an active duelist of your choice.
  • AND one achievement award:
Second Place:
One of the following:
  • Test Free Challenge vs the Overlord (if unclaimed by the winner), Or...
  • Test Free Challenge vs the Baron of your choice.
  • AND:
    • 5 WoL added to your record.
Eliminated in the Final Four:
  • Four WoL added to their records.
NOTES on Challenge prizes:
  • If a duelist claiming a test free challenge to the Overlord is already the Overlord OR a duelist claiming a test free challenge to a baron is already a baron or the Overlord, that prize may instead be converted, at their discretion, to a baron challenge grant giftable to an active duelist of their choice.
  • Gifted challenges, including those converted as above, do NOT carry the test free clause and shall be fought per the usual rules.
Extra: The last names of the top four duelists of this Madness tournament will be used as the division names next year! ( or top 2 depending on participants. )
- Na-rae Takamine
Duel of Swords Coordinator
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