How You Betting? - Madness Edition

The Most Anticipated Tournament of the Year

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How You Betting? - Madness Edition

Post by Conner Reid » Fri Mar 13, 2020 1:48 am

Cheers, lads and lasses. Back by unpopular demand, I’ve got some betting recs for you. You putting together some brackets? You should be. ‘Tis the best betting bonanza of the year.

A little birdie told me that I got some competition from a blue-haired lassie. We’re going to take it round by round, but I’ll be entering me brackets and you can take a look at ‘em once they’re up.

Falessan Division

(1) Matthew Simon vs. (16) Ogthith Einarsson

Simon comes by his number-one-seed the old-fashioned way---he’s a former tourney winner, taking the whole banana back in 2014. But I’m afeared that Ogthith don’t be turning up anything in the records here. Now, betting on an unknown can be a real fine idea in this here tournament. And Ogthith is giving me some real… large… vibes. But I’m betting against the upset here. Simon.

(8) Kheldar Drasinia vs. (9) Anubis Karos

Anubis last made a splash in this here tournament back in 2008 when he was a quarter-finalist. Over the years, Kheldar has had a hard time getting past the first round, but in the last several years he appears to be picking up some steam. Thinking Kheldar has the momentum to knock Anubis out this time. Kheldar.

(5) Amaris Silhaeven vs. (12) Cletus Ganderfald

Amaris is one of the Arena’s up-and-comers. She been putting in the effort, making progress each week. Cletus is one of the Arena’s oldest warlords. This here fight be a coin-toss between new blood and old blood. Going with new blood. Amaris.

(4) Mairead Harker vs. (13) Doran Ilnaren

Correct me iffin I be wrong, but this here be a family fight, aye? Not recalling the exact relation between these two fighters, but it be a shame for ‘em to be facing in the first round. Doran be a Grand Master, but Maggie be a longtime Baron and Warlord. Thinking the little one has the advantage. Mairead.

(11) Crunchem vs. (6) Runt Simon-Kabuki

Oy… now this here be a big first round battle! Expect this match-up to rattle the life back into the Arena. Runt be an excellent fighter. But in Crunchem’s last Madness appearance in 2017, lad went all the way to the finals. Crunchem.

(14) Conner Reid vs. (3) Salvador Delahada

Mates, don’t be a fool with your scratch. Salvador.

(10) Bile vs. (7) Xanth Van Bokkelen

Now this here be a fun match-up of the dark masters! Bile is only a recent-arrival in this here tournament and has yet to show his real ability. Xanth's fought in this tournament for many a year, but not yet found his way into the finals. Thinking this here be Xanth’s year. Xanth.

(15) Lilith Anderson vs. (2) Gloria Blaze

Lilith has long been in the mix among the Arena’s best, but capturing a title, far as this here bloke can tell, has been elusive. Gloria meanwhile been holding onto the barony of Old Temple since last July. Thinking it’s going to be Gloria.

Graziano Division

(1) Gren Blockman vs. (16) Skunk

Gren got to the finals here in 2015, and while last year he had a bit of a first-round stumble, can’t help but asking… who be Skunk? Gren.

(8) Tasslehofl Momus vs. (9) Eden Parker

Tasslehofl won this here tournament back in 2012. Eden’s had some success here and there, but nothing so much as her opponent. Tass.

(5) Michelle Montoya vs. (12) Dris

Seen Dris down too much scotch to be thinking the man ever sober enough to pull a win in the ring. Michelle’s got some chops in swords, having been not-long unseated from the title of Overlord. Michelle.

(4) Rachael Blackthorne vs. (13) Karma Armstrong

Rachael’s made her mark in the Arena having held two baronies in just the last year. Karma’s a new name to me---but one that gives me pause. Och. Rachael’ll keep busting me balls iffin we go another way. Rachael.

(11) Canaan Devillier vs. (6) Mallory Maeda

Expecting this fight to be an entertaining one. Both these fighters have got skills in the ring and know how to be putting on a show. Bit of a toss-up, but going with Mallory for her extra experience in the Arena as the Baron of Cadentia.

(14) Izumi Takamine vs. (3) Jewell Ravenlock

Madness be loving a good upset, and iffin you be asking me, this here be the juiciest possibility. Jewell be the current Overlord, excuse me, Overlady, but Izumi has a solid history in the Arena, having worked her way up to Warlord rank. Iffin you’re going to take a risk, I be liking this one. But I won’t. Jewell.

(10) Ebon Ilnaren vs. (7) Alasdair Galloway

Ebon be a strong fighter in this here tournament, clocking in at Warlord rank and having recently held the barony of Dragon’s Gate. Alasdair be the current Baron of New Haven, which might be a bit posh for me but thinking it be enough to give the lad an edge. Alasdair.

(15) Xiao Hu vs. (2) Myria Graziano

Myria won this whole thing last year, aye? Xiao Hu be rather new to the Arena’s standings having picked up a win recently against another relative newcomer. This here be another opportunity to go for an upset. But I won’t. Myria.

So that be our first round choices. Madness be an opportunity to win a lot or lose a lot. Bet carefully.

But that’s how I’m betting.

See you at the fights.

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Re: How You Betting? - Madness Edition

Post by Conner Reid » Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:11 pm

How You Betting? - Madness Round 2

It was a tough first round for half of our fighters---and maybe an even tougher first round for anyone who followed the betting recommendations of this here column. And while that lovely blue-haired lass, Sapphire, has taken the lead by a point in the brackets, in the least, mine still has a fair shot at overtaking with two-more possible points. Eh?

Well, despite last week’s poor performance, this here columnist has yet to be sacked. So let’s break down the next round!

Falessan Division

(1) Matthew Simon vs. (9) Anubis Karos

Don’t know what witch Matt Simon paid to help him pass through the first round without a fight, but here he be, coming through unscathed to face Anubis Karos. Anubis looked surprisingly strong in the first round against Kheldar seeing as he hasn’t shown his face in the Arena in more than a year, aye? They both got something to prove, but thinking one might be hungrier for the win. Matt.

(5) Amaris Silhaeven vs. (13) Doran Ilnaren

Had faith that Amaris were going to cut her way to the second round, even against a tough opponent like Cletus. Will she be able to keep up her momentum against Doran? Doran put up a surprise dominant win in the first round against Maggie. Amaris be a smart, tricksy fighter. And she shown that even when she down, she shouldn’t be counted out. Amaris.

(11) Crunchem vs. (14) Conner Reid

Och. Crunchem smashed up the Outback in his win against Runt. Yours truly just barely made it by the deadly baron Salvador by a loose string on my nickers. Crunchem.

(10) Bile vs. (15) Lilith Anderson

Now both of these winners surprised me in round one. Gloria Blaze was a favorite to go all the way, and many brackets were wrecked at the hands of Lilith Anderson’s upset. Not going to say it another way, she looked right strong in the fight against Gloria. Bile vs. Xanth were a closer call to make, but Bile coming ahead were a surprise to me. Not much history for these two to tell how things might go. This here writer be banking on Lilith.

Graziano Division

(1) Gren Blockman vs. (9) Eden Parker

Despite newcomer Skunk’s surprising and passionate approach to the fighting, Gren kept his head and managed to advance to the second round like the number-one-seed he is. Eden ended Tass’ dreams of a comeback, though this here writer will be hoping it ain’t the last we see of the man. Love the dimples of the winged-Eden, but this one should be another handy win from Gren.

(5) Michelle Montoya vs. (13) Karma Armstrong

Dris gave it a good run against Michelle, almost dropping me to the bottom of the brackets (nearly there already all the same). But Michelle pulled off the win and seems intent on forging ahead to the end of her bracket. Knew Karma would come around and hit me just didn’t know how. Did anyone else know in advance that Karma were Strawberry? One of yous could have tipped a fellow off. Knowing it were Strawberry may have changed my thinking in round one, but in round two… it be a closer question. Strawberry.

(6) Mallory Maeda vs. (3) Jewell Ravenlock

Och, mates. This be a tricksy match-up. Both of these fighters be strong enough to knock the other out the ring and all the way to the Cadentia Bazaar. We all be needing a fortune-teller on this one. But iffin I had to guess---and I do---then I’ll be saying, Mallory.

(10) Ebon Ilnaren vs. (15) Xiao Hu

Ebon and Xiao both broke hearts last week, beating their higher seed opponents. Ebon had a close match with Alasdair, but managed to come away with the win. Xiao put away Myria, last year’s winner, in a match that had gamblers everywhere burying their brackets in the backyard. Who has the momentum for the win? Having seen him in the ring against one of the Arena’s best fighters, this here writer be going with Xiao.

So that be our second round choices. This here gambler be hoping to limp into the next round with a higher held chin, but we’ll be seeing how those hopes go.

Good luck to you, mates.

See you at the fights.

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