It's all about the pie...

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It's all about the pie...

Post by Jake » Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:07 pm

"Oooooo, Jake let's get pie!" Jewell grabbed the orc's arm and started dragging him bodily towards the entry for Bak'd.

"PIE!!!" shouted Taneth as she grabbed the other arm to lend her strength to that of the empress.

The orc had little time for protest, "but we just ate!"

"This is dessert, Jakey!"

"Exactly!" agreed Jewell, as if that answered everything.

The storefront was a recent addition to Four Points. The orc did not remember seeing it the last time he wandered by, but the brewery, and Taneth's mini-vacation, had kept him distracted for the last several weeks. He did remember hearing that Michelle was back in town, and had opened a shop. The aroma of the baking pies floated on the air as they approached the blue door marking the entrance.

"Fruit?" the orc was not so sure about this. He knew what pies were, of course, but they had never particularly appealed to his orcish tastes.

Taneth breathed in the aromas as though a drowning person taking in air, letting the flavors of the pies fill her. "Oh, yes! They smell so good, Jakey!"

Jewell was pushing the orc through the door, a bell chimed as they entered.

The girl behind the counter smiled at them, "good evening, what can I..."

She was cut off by a response in unison from both Jewell and Taneth. "PIIIEEEE!!!"

The half-orc chuckled. "I think they want pie."

Taneth abandoned Jake and zoomed over to swoon over the fresh pies laid out on the counter. In what seemed both a mere moment, and yet she gave each pie its own consideration, eyeing and taking in the smells of each in turn. "All of them!"

"What?!?!" Jake and the girl behind the counter both responded in unison of surprise.

"Yes! That's an excellent idea! We'll take all of them!" Jewell declared as she also moved over to check out the wares. "The all smell so wonderful."

The half-orc eyed the pies dubiously. "We can't eat all of those..."

"But, it's PIE day, Jakey! We NEED the pies!!!"

The empress dismissed the orc's concerns. "Whatever we can't finish, I am sure the fairies and goblins will enjoy."

Jake visibly blanched. "You wanna give the goblins pie?"

"Of course, Jake! Well, whatever we can't eat, of course."

The half-orc was already envisioning the pie fight that would undoubtedly ensue once the fairies and goblins got into the pies. "Um...maybe we should eat the pies somewhere away ... um... more outdoors than the brewery." Someplace where he would not be cleaning pie from brewing vats for weeks.

"Ooooo! We can make it a picnic!" shouted Taneth. She had already poked her fingers into several pies, evidenced by the apple, lemon, and blueberry stains.

The empress tossed a small pouch of gold towards the girl behind the counter. "Box them all up! We're off for a picnic!"

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