Invitation Selection Process & Second Round Matchups

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Invitation Selection Process & Second Round Matchups

Post by Random McChanse » Tue Aug 07, 2007 10:09 pm

For future Duel Masters, the invitation selection process will be as follows:

Qualifiers will be double elimination tournaments in which the first three rounds will consist of Swords, Fists, and Magic (in a pre-specified, randomly-determined order), with every round thereafter being fought in a randomly-chosen discipline.

There will be four qualifiers on each Sunday of the month preceding the tournament, with the winners of the upper bracket and the winners of the lower bracket facing off in full Duel Master matches against the quarterfinal losers and the top 4 first-round losers of the previous tournament, seeded in order of the number of match points scored in their matches (ties will be broken by the cumulative duel scores). These matches should be fought in the week after the respective qualifiers have been decided. If any of these seeded duelists cannot attend their match, duelists from the 2007 Tour Yellow jersey standings will be chosen to replace them. The winners of these matches will receive the 9th-16th invitations.

The first 8 invitations will be decided as follows: 1st-4th will be given to the top 4 places in the previous tournament, and 5th-8th will be given to the top 4 places in the previous Tour's Yellow jersey standings.

Now, for the second-round matchups:

(16) Liena Hope
(9) Bran Bale

(4) Vanion Shadowcast
(5) Artemus Kurgen

(2) Harris D'Artainian
(7) Kheldar Drasinia

(14) Felix Pride
(11) Vincent Smith

Match threads will be up shortly.
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