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RoH Administration

Post by Kalamere » Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:16 am

I wanted to talk to you all about site administration and ownership going forward. I mentioned this as a work in progress last week and promised more details once they were ironed out. I can't say that we are completely over the finish line with it, but I believe we're close enough that I owe an update.

First I want to reiterate that I, and every other person involved in site leadership, firmly believe that this site and the world it helps to foster belongs to you. Someone needs to "own" the rights to the site and we couldn't move forward very fast if we went with a full on democratic decision process; but we all firmly believe that we are representatives of the player base, committed to an open relationship with all of you and will do our best to serve the community at large. Maybe I flatter myself, but I like to think anyone who has dealt with me in the games I've run and things I've contributed here already knows this to be my personal style of leadership.

So, that out of the way, we have created a decision making board consisting of 5 players. Each member of the board has equal say and necessary decisions will be reached via a majority vote. I expect that once we get past some of the current turmoil and moving the website that there really won't be a ton that requires a board vote. It will continue that sport coordinators will be the ultimate authority for the games they run (though will be expected to hold the same "stewards not owners" type mentality towards it).

The five members of the board are as follows:

Jake: I'm sure the old orc's name is of no surprise. Jake has been an RoH site admin since it launched back in 2004. His historical knowledge of the place is second to none and the vast majority of the time, when things start to get heated, he can be counted on to be the voice of reason. More often than not, Jake is our adult in the room. He and I have also worked together for many years, going back to both working as assistant coords under Kairee on AOL, running TDL, IFL and DuelingZone (though DZ is mostly his work).

Mai Sato: You may better know Mai as Apple, King, Olivia or one of a plethora of other names. Our current coordinator for the Duel of Swords, Mai has been a member of the community for a number of years now. Mai and I have bumped heads from time to time and not always agreed on the best way to do something, but I've never questioned his dedication to the site or the want to do right by it. The number of events he's run, tournaments overseen and raw number of dueling shifts called is amazing and far more than anyone else. Mai's been involved with Discord since day one and was one of my original beta testers, as well he's been our chief ambassador when it came to introducing new members to the inner workings of the platform.

Eden: One of the sweeter characters running through RhyDin while also the mind behind The Hold's gritty setting. I've gotten to know the player since our Discord experiment and maybe a bit before that and have been impressed with her desire to help and do right by the community. More than anyone else, she's consistently spoken to me about how we grow the userbase. It's been Eden even more than me to push the stance of the board as stewards rather than owners and it's been Eden who has outlined much of how we see things working down the road. I might well still be stuck in my state of shock if not for her. I should also note that on paper, Eden will be the official owner of the site. New hosting and such will be placed in her name.

Mallory: Founder of The Golden Perch, constant presence in Discord and chief copywriter for things we've been doing all Summer (and expected to continue this going forward!). Mallory is new to the dueling scene, but not at all new to RhyDin or the way we play. Sometimes it gets forgotten that dueling IS roleplaying, just with an added toolset. Mal, however, is the soul of our push to play. Creative and insightful, he's been an incredible asset for the live play scene. In some ways he's sorta like our new resident dungeon master.

The 5th member of the board will be me. Along with Jake, I'll also be acting as the site web administrator.

While I mention the board specifically and first, I feel it would be remiss to leave a few other people off of this note. I've already written a lot, so I'll add a bit less in terms of accolades, but each of these people has been extremely helpful to us, will continue to have roles as staff and participate in all meaningful deliberations. Any one of them could have been a member of the board and added a ton, but going past 5 felt unwieldy.

Matt and Kheldar will continue to run DoF. These guys, like Jake, have been a part of the mix since the AOL days and we couldn't do this without them.

Claire Will continue to run DoM and probably keep kicking all our asses in Diamond Quests. I can't really name anything she hasn't been involved in.

Lisa and Cooper will continue their roles on DoS staff (which will still be run by Mai Sato / Olivia). They've been very active in all our conversations and added valuable insights.

Jewell will be new to staff. I hear Kheldar is trying to con her into being the DoF standings keeper. She's been a prolific storyteller over the years and will be taking a role for us in dealing with Facebook.

So, there you have it. This is the current makeup of the RoH board and staff. We have a lot to do and the work is getting started, so stay tuned for more updates throughout the week and beyond.

Thanks for reading.

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