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Proven Adventurer
Proven Adventurer
Rayvinn (Raye)
Character Race:
femme fatale
Upon the winds
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Place of Origin:
Kingdom of Faerondalen
Owner of the Arena and Annex. Exiled Queen of Faerondalen.
5'9 and willowy, she doesn't boast a very curvaceous form. Instead, her early years spent in dance training, later years spent honing her skill with swords and in martial arts has kept her body strong and lithe.

Leaving behind her life as a ranger, mercenary and eventually as General to the military of Alorian has caused her element darkened skin to fade to what is now simply a dark tan.

Delicately angular features and slightly pointed ears declare her elven heritage though during her decades of nomadic living, she frequently wore the hip length mass of dark waves in such a way that those pointed ears would be covered. Since retiring and settling in RhyDin where everyone is "something different," she is much more likely to wear her hair up and expose herself for what she is.

Her eyes range from a pale silvery green to blazing emerald depending upon mood, and overall well being.
Skills: She possesses the abilities inherent to her Elven heritage such as increased agility, dexterity, speed, enhanced senses and night vision. According to what she was taught as a child, she should have innate magic that can be channeled into a specific area of the art but she has never settled enough to begin training to develop it, preferring instead to focus upon her physical prowess with weapons and martial arts.

Being raised in an Elven Court she learned the finer arts of drawing, painting, and several different forms of dance as well as an appreciation for music. The opposite end of the spectrum from this fighter is the woman that pours her passion into these various art forms.

Although Rayvinn mostly appears normal, beneath that facade lies the mind of one that has been broken beyond full repair. The consistency and stability of her current life has helped counter the insanity that looms within her but she appears "off" frequently and sometimes down right insane. Extreme paranoia is a sure sign her mental health is teetering on edge again, though she is almost always a little paranoid.

Despite her ability and sometimes affinity for bloodshed, she is usually quite outgoing and fun to be around. A broad mix of words ranging from criminal to Princess could be used to describe Rayvinn and most of them would be correct. She loves to lead people astray and help them form not-so-correct opinions of her by showing them a shallowness that really isn't a correct representation of who she is. It tends to help keep people from expecting more from her than she is ready or willing to give.

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