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Kalinda Acheron
Kalinda Acheron
Custom Title:
Exotic Dancer
Character Race:
Human, descended from Atlantis
For now, Rhy'Din
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Place of Origin:
Hieroch, a small village on Alexandria, a small planet in the Corkscrew Galaxy, a member of the United Worlds of Warlock
At heart, a hunter of the undead, but has pursued an interest in adult entertainment and exotic dance. Hunting vampires was an entirely different prospect here. Very few were mindless, savage brutes.
Slim, but tall. Very tall, topping six feet when barefoot. Long reddish-blond hair, blue-green eyes, and tanned smooth complexion. Prefers loose and light clothing, usually pantaloons slit up the sides, short skirts, and brief tops, for access to the myriad mystical tattoos covering her body.

Her current tattoos are:
Falchion surrounded by flames (Right Wrist)
Crossbow with a trio of flaming, winged quarrels, the points dripping blood (Right inner forearm)
Heart impaled by a stake (Left Shoulder)
Cross (Neck, left side)
Heart in chains (Upper Chest, right side)
Cloud in chains (Left Hip)
Rose dripping blood (Left Calf)
Phoenix rising from flames* (Abdomen)
Eye of knowledge (Right Temple)
Heart of steel (Left Bicep)
Chain with broken link (Right Bicep)
Eyes of vision (Left Temple)
Heart Encased in Ice (Upper Chest, Left Side)
Skull Encircled by Flames (Inner Bicep, Left Arm)
Ghost Shield (Inner Bicep, Right Side)
Mace (Left Hip, rear)
Hammer (Right Hip, side)
Crossed iron-shod staves surrounded by flames (Torso, right side)
Throwing daggers, winged, dripping blood, surrounded by flames (Left Inner Forearm)
Leopard, Black (Right Shoulderblade)
Hawk (Upper Chest, left)
Dragondactyl (Left Thigh, inner side)
Skull in chains (Neck, right side)
Knight in armor (Right Bicep, inner)
Eye with tears (Neck, right side)
Heart with small wings (Right Foot, Top)
Knife (Left Ankle)
Stiletto (Right Ankle)
Flamberge (Left side, shoulderblade to calf)

Her normal weapon tattoos create just that, normal weapons.
Tattoos surrounded by flames offer enhanced damage.
Tattoos dripping blood offer enhanced accuracy.
Tattoos with wings offer enhanced range and returning capability.
Animal tattoos create normal, healthy specimens of the type depicted.

Her other tattoos allow for various magical effects, from protection against undead creatures to heightened speed to near-invulnerability. All are usually accessable due to her preferred choice of clothing, which is loose, and sparse, in the Greco-Roman style.

*Please note, this tattoo does not call forth an actual phoenix, but is instead used for the healing of severe wounds, unless within a duel of magic ring.

Beyond this, she carries little, for she needs little. She is protected from cold and heat extremes by her tattoos. Her society holds no meaning to body-shyness, feeling the body is but another garment for the inner spirit.
Skilled in hunting, cooking, and leatherworking along with tracking and some woodworking ability. Months of nightly dancing has kept her toned and fit. Dancing is now a hobby, as she's started undertaking healing duties at Riverview Clinic. Also, she seems to have some ability in the realm of fashion, as some have discovered.

First Squire of Old Temple.

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