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Dawn Shadowsbane
Dianrasthek'al, or Dawn Shadowsbane
Character Race:
Half rainbow-dragonelf
Female, of course.
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Place of Origin:
Born in Rhydin.
Former slaver, now businesswoman.
Hair and eyes: Red-gold. Hair is usually loose, curly, and free-flowing.

Skin: Pale.

Wings: Leathery, long, pale violet.

Dress: No visible weapons, generally. She is usually found in smoky-grey leathers that seem painted on her curvaceous form (except for her left arm). A delicate-seeming filagree protectively cages the left arm from collarbone to fingertips, melded upon flesh. Matching designs curve dragon-wing ridges from the joint at her shoulderblades to the tips. Finally, the set is completed with a mask, ornate in its whirls and loops and dotted with minute rubies, that guard and obscure the right portion of her face, from forehead to chin. The eye socket of the mask is perhaps the only truly solid space, a sheen of gold plating where she'd once boasted a red-gold eye.

She moves with a slinky grace and usually has some version of a cold smile across her lips. She speaks softly, tone often drawled and dripping with sarcasm or scorn.

Mother to: Seth Furyion Karos, Lily Karos (adopted), Rose Karos (adopted), Rekah Silverblades (adopted), Suturisthek'al (Suturi).
It is little secret that she has given up slaving and has become a businesswoman of the more 'generic' sort, but it hasn't exactly been said what type of business she's now dealing...

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