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Expert Adventurer
Expert Adventurer
Salvador Delahada
Custom Title:
Deputy Director of Dickery
Character Race:
Human/Fae Abomination
Rhydin City
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Actor Álex González
Character Age:
Place of Origin:
Madrid, Spain
Business Owner, Verdugo
For the most part, Salvador Delahada looks entirely human and at a glance no one would assume otherwise. By no means grotesquely muscular, he has an an athletic build with subtly compact muscle thanks to a regular exercise regimen to keep himself fit and primed for combat.

He stands at 5' 10" in height and weighs approximately 170 pounds. He has bronzed tan skin and black-brown hair that is presently short and trimmed neatly. His eye color is a reddish-orange, similar to metallic rust. There is a network of vein-traced black ink on his skin in some places, most notably under the tear duct of his right eye across the cheek.

Usually he can be found wearing attire that consists of loose fitting jeans , short sleeved tee-shirts, a pair of black work boots with the laces removed and a black leather jacket, no matter the weather. There is a pink hand print permanently stained on the right shoulder. Two tiny steel spikes are pierced through the flesh under his lower lip, one each on the left and right side (snake bites).

A more detailed bio can be found in the Casa de Sangre forum folder under the thread titled "People of Importance" which is also directly linked from the "website" of this profile.
This character is fluent in the following languages (even if the player is not): Spanish, English, Irish, Drow, ASL, Italian, Latin, Russian, Greek, French, Demonic, Draconic, and Welsh.

Unreadable to empaths and telepaths. He reads as static. Aura sight and psychometry, as well as a variety of other supernatural skills, are at his disposal. Never hurts to ask (in IM) if you want to know more.

~* Dueling Accomplishments *~

121st Overlord of the Duel of Swords (03 September 2021 - 03 January 2022)
60th Baron of Dragon’s Gate (05 July 2023 - Present)
59th Baron of Old Temple (06 September 2022 - 17 April 2023)
48th Baron of New Haven (13 June 2022 - 10 July 2022)
49th Baron of Battlefield Park (27 February 2022 - 04 May 2022)
48th Baron of Old Market (13 June 2021 - 03 September 2021)
41st Baron of Seaside (25 September 2020 - 20 March 2021)
39th Baron of Seaside (13 December 2019 - 27 June 2020)
29th Talon of Redwin (12 August 2012 - 29 December 2012)
1st Squire of Seaside (10 October 2009 - 21 November 2009)

2021 Summer Cycle DoS All Ranks Tournament Champion
2020 Summer Cycle DoS All Ranks Tournament Champion
2022 DoS Round Robin Cup Championship Team Captain
2021 DoS Round Robin Cup Championship Team Captain
2020 DoS Round Robin Cup Championship Team Captain
2024 Winter Cycle Warden of Overlook
2024 Winter Cycle Warden of Lakeside
2023 Fall Cycle Warden of Overlook
2023 Fall Cycle Warden of Lakeside
2022 Winter Cycle Warden of Overlook
2021 Fall Cycle Warden of Overlook
2021 Summer Cycle Warden of Overlook
2021 Spring Cycle Warden of Lakeside

115th Diamond of the Duel of Fists (15 October 2023 - 13 January 2024)
60th Custodian of MoonBeryl (12 May 2024 - Present)
53rd Custodian of PathFinder (19 February 2022 - 28 January 2023)
51st Custodian of PathFinder (28 September 2021 - 20 January 2022)
49th Custodian of ShadoWeaver (26 April 2021 - 22 July 2021)
52nd Custodian of MoonBeryl (16 August 2020 - 01 March 2021)
48th and Final Panther's Claw (15 April 2020)

2022 IFL Captain of the Year for Championship Winning Team Deathcake
2021 Winter All Ranks Slugfest Tournament Champion
2021 Winter Cycle Fistmelda’s Tusk Holder
2021 Winter Cycle Badass Board Champion
2020 First DoF All Ranks Tournament Champion
2020 Final Panther’s Claw Tournament Champion
2015 IFL Captain of the Year for Deathcake

59th Keeper of the Tower of Earth (26 May 2024 - Present)
53rd Keeper of the Tower of Earth (27 January 2022 - 19 June 2022)
4th Duelist Ever to Earn the Terra Master Achievement
71st Holder of the Ring of Klytus (04 December 2022 - 04 February 2023)

2023 Fall All Ranks Tournament Champion

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