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Long since forgotten
Ranger. Tracker.
The last thing she remembered was standing near the Dwarven king, Sirhan.
Preparation for a battle that was to come.

Whatever force that had pulled her away from that land left her stranded in the wilderness of Rhydin and on the brink of death. A death she already knew was coming but she had a vow to keep. She would find a way to keep her word and finish the task that had been set before her by a dead man.

Her overall features are striking for a woman of her profession. Fleshed tanned to a bronze hue that spoke of vigor, a face framed by auburn hair with highlights of dancing fire. Her gaze, blue-green by day and chocolate by night, are always watchful of her surroundings. A voice as smooth as honey, though a bit on the low toned side, can be as sharp as hot cinnamon candy if something strikes a chord. Her clothes tend to be very simple: a front laced leather vest, a pair of leather pants, bracers, and boots. Always on her person are a pair of ivory-hilted daggers and oft times a hue-shifting cloak that allows her to blend in with her surroundings when she hunting.

Far too quiet, like a thief planning the next target, this ranger is comfortable to sit and observe. Conversation is not something she normally seeks out but if approached one would find her a decent conversationalist if they can get around her guarded demeanor. The elven woman has long since forgotten what it was like to smile or laugh, whatever pain had found her heart was wedged in deep.

It would be outside forces that gave promise that she could keep her vow but at what price? Whatever 'promise' it was, kept her hanging at death's door. It was how she lived each day as she searched for her way back.

But like the hunting tigress, this elven woman was ever patient.
One-Handed Edges. Longbows. Two-Weapon Mastery. Animal Empathy. Intuit Direction. Animal Handling. Tracking. Wilderness Lore. Immune to Sleep spells and effects. Infravision. Magic has a lesser effect on her. Has the ability to shapeshift but tends not to.

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