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Aviana Lenox
Aviana Lenox
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notes of djinn
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Character Portrait
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Burlesque Dancer and Trapeze Artist
Sip from the waters of her stage name, “Lethe,” and one would forget their troubles. In their place, only the sweet oblivion of the utterly entertained would fill even the deepest recesses of the mind. Be it from a high flying trapeze, or underground cabarets that required the proper keys, club owners and promoters alike sought her opening act for just such a reason.

Doll faced, dark eyed and fine boned like the china that bore her surname, it was all an act for this high flying bird. Avi was far more at home in the air and on the stage of various burlesque clubs and cabarets than in any gilded cage.

She took the very pulse of the atmosphere of any space and set the tone for the room. When the drinks were flowing and the vibe right was when Avi was riding the thrilling thrum of the thermals and soaring high. Yet don’t think to ruffle her feathers, for this pretty bird was no canary in a coal mine. With Aviana there was no warning for those that crossed her. Test her and one might see hints of her djinn heritage. Please her and she just might grant you a wish with a whisper. Currently employed at Keynote Club and Cabaret.

(Character Inspiration Page may contain some NSFW material.
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