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Seasoned Adventurer
Seasoned Adventurer
Vanion Shadowcast
Vanion Shadowcast
Custom Title:
Archpriest of Myr'Khul
Character Race:
Golden Elf
Unknown, Rumored to be Dead
Place of Origin:
Temple of Taara, Edge City
Personality Traits:
Vanion is a Necromancer of vast mystical power. He delights in causing pain and creating chaos, and is supported by his belief that he is immortal and beyond the reach of the law.

While he can be almost polite to deal with in short spurts, once he feels crossed, he often goes disturbingly over-board in retaliation to even the slightest offenses. Known to harbor grudges, he is often patient despite his chaotic tendencies, able to wait years before enacting revenge.

Physical Traits:
5'11 - his body has the muscular, lithe frame and physical features of a golden elf, as well as the race's natural youth and beauty. Necromantic tattoos shift around his flesh, often hidden beneath tight-fitting leather armor or loose, flowing black robes. These enchanted markings cycle with the ever-changing constellations - and give him unholy strength, added to the agility his genetics provide more naturally.

Despite his beautiful appearance, there is an aura of power that surrounds this ancient being. Many claim to feel uncomfortable, or unclean in his presence.

He typically carries with him an enchanted bastard sword engraved with strange runes. Sometimes, the blade inexplicably glows a faint green. The mystery of the sword and its origins are known to very few.

Despite his prowess with wizardry and the blade, the elf also conceals a pair of custom-designed pistols in holsters sitting on each hip.

Vanion's history as a competitive duelist is as well-documented as it is infamous. Though his greatest success came with a streak of twenty wins in a row to reach the rank of Mage on Twilight Isle, followed by numerous titles and tournament championships, he has also found success in other venues as well. He has received the following accolades throughout his career:

- The First All Elemental Tower Keeper
- Archmage Tournament Champion
- 2x Keeper Tournament Champion
- 2x Keeper of Air [1 defense]
- Keeper of Water [1 defense]
- Keeper of Earth [2 defenses]
- Keeper of Fire

- Warlord Tournament Champion
- 95th Overlord of the Rings [1 defense]
- Baron of Dockside [1 defense]
- Baron of Battlefield Park [1 defense]

- Masquerade Brawl Tournament Champion
- Badside Brawler: IFL Season 2 Champion
- Top Flight: IFL Season 4 Champion
- Bearer of FireStar [1 defense]
- Bearer of ShadoWeaver
Necromancy, Swordplay, Murder, Music, Chess.

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