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Philip Vahlaan
Philip Vah͠laan
Character Race:
Acts male
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
One of the children on the bus Philip drove part time (OOC, myself)
Character Age:
Which calendar do you want him to use?
Place of Origin:
An alien being, from the planet Valpoi (which makes him a Valpian).

A fibrous entity of royal hue---OK, enough with the fancy talk; he's purple, and looks like a collection of yarn, or a bunch of spaghetti. Various sensory organs and such-like are set here and there, and there's a central node for major organs. Usually he pulls himself into a vaguely humanoid shape; the jumpsuit and peaked cap help the effort. Doing this, he 'stands' about 158 cm (62.25") tall. His voice sounds sorta like a clogged drain, and like all Valpians, he spooks in speenerisms---I mean, speaks in Spoonerisms.

"Most times, I tax a drivey-cab, but I've lot gots of skother ills."

"I may like look a spate of plaghetti, but we Valpians are fritty plexible. Hums in candy at times."

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