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Junior Adventurer
Vail Chambers
Vail Chambers
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It’s a mystery to many, yet fun to solve!
Aurora Avenue
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Character Portrait
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Carhop at Supersonic in Twilight Market and various other odd jobs.
Born with not only forget me not blue eyes, but a photographic memory that never forgets a face, or a menu item. Vail’s got dimples that are deeper than the valley she hails from and she’s quicker to snap a piece of watermelon bubblegum than a selfie. This busy girl works several jobs to help keep things afloat at home. She’s a drive in, Dairy Queen dream with a hustler’s smile.

She comes in hot on those roller skates and will never leave your fries cold. Throw her a curveball with a unique combo for your sundae or shake? She’ll give you extra toppings or cherries!

You’ll find her at Supersonic, expertly weaving in and out of cars with a tray held aloft in her favorite colorful tube socks and skates to get her customers their orders before their engines cool and their slushies melt. Ask about her secret trick to cure a brain freeze!

Nothing really rattles this roller girl. Though she has her secrets, she’ll never spill any of the many car-side confessionals she’s heard that drift from the windows on curls of cigarette smoke and in between the change up of a song. She’s more street smart than she appears and it’s kept her alive for many years.

Tips are much appreciated, both monetary and on any odd jobs where she can squirrel away some extra cash and where her excellent memory could be put to good use. “Help Wanted” signs are the daily constellations she looks up to throughout the Twilight Market.
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