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Proven Adventurer
Proven Adventurer
Kira Adia
Kira Adia
Custom Title:
Mistress of House Adia
Character Race:
Human, Half Dryad
Adia Estate, south of the city on the border with Skoggard
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Character Age:
About 30, stopped aging at 24
Place of Origin:
Age: about 30
Apparent Age: 24
Origin: Thendozahl
Height: 5'9"
Slim but fit build
Hair: Vivid red, wavy texture, kept at shoulder length and often tied back
Eyes: Violet
Color: Lightly tanned

Mistress of and last surviving member of House Adia, a Middle House of Thendozal and member of the minor nobility. All titles were lost when the House and all related peoples were declared guilty of treason and marked for death.
Partnered with Amiria Burke and matriarch of House Adia.
Archery, hunting, basic sword and shield training, survival in the wilds, pathfinding, noble etiquette, runecraft, practitioner of Earth Elemental magic and Chronomancy.

Fae blood gives her the powers of a Dryad, resistance to heat and cold, and minor ability to communicate with nature.

Her experience with time magic has halted her aging and makes sleep unneeded. Eating, drinking, and breathing are also unnecessary, though going long periods without them can be uncomfortable and prevent natural healing.

Studying other schools of magic, with focus on shadow, illusion, and other elemental magics.

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