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The Regent In Red
The Regent in Red
Character Race:
Stolen One
Agender (they/them)
The Stolen Ones Court of RhyDin City
Character Age:
Place of Origin:
Sao Amador
Leader of the Stolen Ones Court of RhyDin City
The Regent in Red is always seen in a long red silk jacket with white and pink resham embroidery and gold zari work, a white shirt and trousers underneath, and what looks like a Chinese opera mask on their face. The mask appears to be made of porcelain, and is mostly red save for the stylized black eyebrows and circle beard. Their black hair shines in most lighting, typically tied back into a ponytail. They speak in a twinned voice consisting of what sounds like a male countertenor and a female contralto -- sometimes it harmonizes but more often it reverberates, echoes, and doesn't quite line up, creating a slight dissonance when listened to.
Very few have seen the Regent in Red in action, but those who have noted their skill with a silver short sword and prowess with magic. More specifically, they seem to have a strange persuasiveness about them that belies the secrecy with which they conduct their general affairs.

((n.b. -- The Regent in Red's true identity isn't exactly an OOC secret, but IC, please respect the fact that only a very small number of characters know who he is. If you have to ask if your character knows, they don't know. Thanks!))

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