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Proven Adventurer
Jay Capistrano
Custom Title:
Wolf Like Me
Character Race:
409 Cardew Road, a Brownstone in New Haven
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits: ... -297387654 (commissioned for my use by Candy Hart's player)
Character Age:
Appears early 30s.
Place of Origin:
Santa Cruz, California (alternate Earth)
Social worker, Wrecking Crew Duelist
Jay stands six feet tall, with a slightly muscular build. He usually dresses in plain colored t-shirts and hoodies, wearing knee length khaki-colored cargo board shorts in the summer and khaki or camo colored cargo pants in cooler months, in addition to jeans. He likes wearing light brown and black skater shoes, as well as black-leather steel-toed boots. His brown hair is cropped short, and he has particularly piercing blue eyes.

He has gash scars on his shins, a scar under his chin, claw marks on his left cheek, surgical stitching scars on his right wrist and the back of his head, and his left index finger is noticeably shorter than it should be. Previously tattooed, there is no sign of ink on his body anymore.

Careful eyes might spot a simple tungsten band on his left ring finger.
He formerly fought with a baseball bat and shield, but has abandoned the bat in favor of a mace or morningstar and small shield.

Above all else, he seems to have a sixth sense for survival, even in spite of his occasional cluelessness.

Those with particularly adept senses of smell might catch a faint whiff of something canine from him. Those who can read or sense auras might detect something off about his, almost as if there were two auras fighting for control.
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I'll play a new part; I'll make a new start
All I was we'll burn it up in effigy
It's such a long war, but what I want more is you and me
The rest can burn in effigy