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Viktor Ravenwood
Junior Adventurer
Junior Adventurer
Viktor Ravenwood
Character Race:
Human (possessed)
The Wilds
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Character Age:
Appears 36
Place of Origin:
Earth Prime (Russia)
Publicly: Entrepreneur/Investor (Privately: Fixer and Cleaner)
Viktor has pitch black hair that curls just a little when grown too long, and a full mouth usually tightened into a grim expression despite the burning cigarette which lingers there for two-thirds of any day. His eyes are of the clearest malachite green to be found in nature. He has expressive eyebrows often set in a firmly stitched frown. Angular features are as clear-cut and dry as the cynicism which bleeds from his every misanthropic motion. His presence echoes beyond walls, and his crisp (almost condescending) manner often evokes strong emotion when interacting with more subtle graces.

Overall, he could make one wonder as to the illusion of his perfection when wearing custom tailored designer clothing; Mostly three-piece suits that cost more than enough to feed starving children over the course of many years. He is lean, toned; the body of a martial artist underneath all that fine fabric.

Four scars are freshly pink. Two reside near his carotid artery while another crosses over the right part of his collarbone - just beside the hollow dip at the middle. The last scar is perhaps the most obvious as it starts underneath his chin and extends upward, over a square jawline and two centimeters onto an otherwise flawless face.
Well versed in the art of pretending to be a gentleman.

Demonologist, necromancer, deadeye, and dabbler of the dark arts.

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