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Janie Devonstone
Jane "Janie" Devonstone
Character Race:
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Sheridyn Fisher
Character Age:
Late twenties
Place of Origin:
Terra Australis (The Southern Islands)
Scathachian Priestess
Appearance: Her sisters refer to her as "Bait." Janie is definitely a bombshell, and she knows it. Her long limbs, ample bosom and backside are the tools of your above-average stripper, though she uses her assets in a slightly different way. Her face is the comely sum of conventional beauty and sultry experience.

Physical assessment: A fan of outdoor activities, as much as "indoor" ones, Janie is an avid swimmer and surfer. While her build is not bulky like some other Scathachians, her limbs are extremely strong and toned due to her favored pastimes.

Identifying features: A few piercings: ears, navel. Only two tattoos, like all Scathachians, on her hands. Left hand: The Scales of Justice. Right hand: Crossed blades. While she usually is sporting little more than a bikini, she does wear her crimson sash at the waist. Her loud laughter is also a dead giveaway in any crowded room.

Inventory and equipment: Along with the usual Scathachian accoutrements, Janie is never far from her surfboard and wax. Waves can happen anytime!

Personality and traits: Fun and up for just about anything. She is a class-A flirt and always on the prowl for a man (at least one to use for the time being). Janie is extremely laid back and ruled by her daily yearns, be they for food, drink, drugs or sex. She is practically the embodiment of the "Id."
* Men
* Scathachian camaraderie
* Recreational -ahem- vices

* Kill joys
* Too many rules

Combat: Usual Scathachian training - swords, archery, chakram, wrestling, foot skills, and fist fighting. She would rather spend her day at the beach rather than in a scrimmage, however.

Home & Family: Her mother and father still reside in the Unknown Southern Lands of Terra Australis, along with her brother, Cooper. She visits once a year on Cooper's birthday (mid-Spring). Her accent is a dead giveaway of her heritage.

Fun Facts: Janie is known to pop off the Island of Shadow for "R & R" more often than most Scathachians. Usually found in port city pubs, she selects her distractions for the night, then is out the door before the sun is up.

Janie is a practical joker, often using her sisters as her victims.

Aside from surfing, dancing is Janie's favorite hobby.

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