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Seasoned Adventurer
Morgan LaLuna
Morgan LaFey
Custom Title:
Character Race:
At Sea
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
"Kindless Kay" Akay Xiu
Character Age:
21 (probably)
Place of Origin:
Ithaca, NY, Terra
Aerial Silk Acrobat with RCPA, Privateer Captain of the Heathen
Height: 5' even
Weight: Bitch how much do *you* weigh?
Hair Color: Naturally dark, often dyed
Eye color: Amber

Morgan is not very tall, and has gone from scrawny to rather muscular, with skin tanned by work at sea. He has dark hair is long enough to put in a ponytail on top with an undercut, often intricately braided with thin silvery chains and tiny gems and precious stones set within the strands. His eyes are golden-brown, almost an amber color. He's a really pretty young man, and has often used this to his advantage getting out of trouble.

-He has a lip piercing, a single spiderbite ring on the right side of his lip.
-Nipple piercings

-A goldfish on the front of his left hip, small and bright orange.
-An evergreen tree on the front of his right hip
-A mandala style flower on his neck, with a galaxy of stars made of tiny belladonna blossoms.
-Flowing from the galactic swirls around the mandala on his neck, a flood of blues curling and moving across his collarbone. The stars in the galaxy start first as tiny blossoms of belladonna, transitioning to wisteria and lilac settling on the cusp of the opposite shoulder. The ink seems to shimmer in some places, and has a movement all its own reminiscent of the movement of stars across the night sky.
-Just under the blue tattoo on the left side of his chest in a handwritten script. "You are not alone."
-Blackout style tattoo on right arm with vague hints of octopus tentacles. From last knuckles on his fingers, up to just above the elbow, fading into red. Above is a stylized image of a horned woman crying tears of blood.
-On his left arm is a tattoo of stylized vines and swirls, wrapping from just beneath his elbow to his fingers in the style of an archery glove. The vines wrap his fingers, and there are vague hints of colors in the shading: the barest amount of lavenders and greens.
- On the entirety of his upper back is spread a seemingly hand drawn and well-detailed map of Middle Earth, covering most of the scars of his past.
-On the back nape of his neck, just below the natural hairline, a little rainbow with an angry face, denoted by downturned mouth and sharp eyebrows

-On his upper back, rarely shown, is a crisscrossing of scarring in varying thicknesses and lengths, some fanning out from the sides toward the spine as if wings in reverse.
-A puckered spot on the side of his abdomen, a somewhat quickly healed gunshot wound with a corresponding scar on his lower back.
-A scar across his chest, thin and likely made by a blade.
-Various small and thin scars from melee scuffles.
-A scar in the middle of his chest that looks like something perhaps exploded, and a shimmer that covers his skin when the light hits just right. There are also small spots of shimmer on his sides, and across the tops of his feet.

Jewelery Often seen:
-A set of somewhat tarnished silver chains that tangle together and hold a charm of some sort
-A golden ring on his left middle finger with a large dark stone, fire opal
-A silver skull ring on his left thumb
-A thin silver chain with a small moonstone dangling off of a series of tiny stars
-A multicolored ring in his lip
-A black and dark red leather choker with three fire opals set in the throat.
-A ring with a symbolic sun on his left ring finger.

52nd Keeper of the Tower of Earth
38th Keeper of the Tower of Water
45th Holder of IceDancer

(Player might be the entire cast of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".)
Real good at texting real fast. Dances like a stripper. Acrobatic ability, especially good at aerial silks. Bardic magics. Snarky. Once choked a guy out for spitting on his shoes.
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