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Farren Ainsley
Character Race:
Banished Angel
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Miles McMillan
A young, sarcastic, slightly naive and still adjusting fallen angel desperately trying to find new meaning without the power and place he had before. Having a body is new, having a true sense of independence even newer, and having a sharp tongue and a habit for sniffing out trouble, well that never really changed. He hasn't really dwelled on what drew him to the stage. Perhaps he's just chasing after something that brings him a little closer to what he lost, leaping and hoping just for a moment that he won't fall back to earth, or finding that moment of creation bridging dream and reality that was once his whole world. Maybe he's trying to learn how to be a person, how to be himself by pretending to be others. And maybe he's just trying to learn more about the world he's been thrown into, to convince himself he made the right choice by making a choice in the first place.

Despite his biting snark, he is at his heart a terminal optimist and loves the messy, imperfect side of people, those humble acts of kindness and tender, aching moments of vulnerability he was never allowed to love from his distant position. He truly finds people magical and fascinating, although he hasn't quite understood that actions have consequences yet, and that he isn't above the fallout anymore.

Although rather ageless (both eternal and ephemeral, young as an instant and old as the stars), he appears as a young adult and acts rather impulsively most of the time. There are rare serious moments where his wisdom shines through, but that half-cocked smirk is never far away.

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