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Dax Kincaid
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Kapa'a, Kauai
Tattoo Artist, Owner of Third Eye Tattoo Parlor
The raptor’s torn wings justify survival of the fittest. Those last four words had been inked into kit, skin and mindset. The GWOT had been an unending deployment, a crusade against evil that had relied on the young, the naïve and true believers alike. It was all just grist for the wheel anyway. He’d shed blood on four different continents…funny how the crimson didn’t care which uniform he’d worn. Back then he'd earned the moniker 'Prophet' since he had a way of seeing things...ambushes, hidden caches, IEDs. Call it kismet, then, when he traded one war for another and sheep-dipped dress blues into clandestine black on black so Delphian that he hadn’t even realized when the Abyss had started staring back.

A prophet in a dishonest desert, a vaticinator of victory that was nothing but a well crafted mirage meant to fool the masses.

Disillusionment ultimately ended with discharge and that had led to dejection which had only tightened in a terminal spiral towards depression. The ghosts of the past will linger and those that he'd made were anything but friends and rarely came with forgiveness. But all karmic debts get paid by design and in due time...and the clock was forever ticking.

It’d been the prick of a tattoo needle which had broken through and traded one addiction for another. From there grew the skill to pay the artistic gift forward and real talent was discovered. The art kept the malignant thoughts from metastasizing beyond the dreamscape yet there was no mercy in that mental self-combat as restful sleep remained nothing but a chimera.

Despite the trauma he was quick with an affable smile for the demons which doggedly pursued him…their nightmarish countenance and grim bearing more than enough fodder for a career known for wicked tattoos.
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