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Betty Liski
Elizabeth "Betty" Liski
Character Race:
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Olga Kobzar
Character Age:
Mid- to late-20s
Place of Origin:
The Bowery, NYC, circa 1994
Owner and Operator of Hot Betty's Wake & Bakery
Betty's average height carries a build of above-average curvature, with skin that freckles wildly in the sun. Dishwater and strawberry blonde falls almost pin-straight to the middle of her back, almost universally left down unless tied into a pair of 'space buns' to keep her eyes and face clear. Coffee brown, almond-shaped eyes often carry heavy lids, usually given color by makeup, tinted teashade sunglasses, or both.

While her fashion sense still holds a lot of early '90s hallmarks like bellbottoms, skate shoes, wedge heels, belly shirts, and floral-print sundresses, Betty has happily embraced the advancements in fabrics and cosmetics to enjoy all of the glitter and iridescence the 21st Century has to offer. She might not have a cell phone, but she has a BluRay player and a plasma screen TV.
Putting out small-scale fires before anyone notices. Keeping clove ash out of her batter. Not swearing in front of kids while on the job. Making sure the 10-year-old with a prescription for Charlotte's Web DOESN'T take the White Widow brownies instead. Drumming up business just by leaning forward or stretching once the kids are gone.

In general, Betty's handy around a kitchen. It took a flash of enlightenment for her to 'get' baking, but she has taken up with it. She's well-known for her pirazhkis in the Russo-Ukrainian communities around RhyDin, even though Baba Yegorova's in Old Market's are hands-down the best.

As befitting having a social circle prone to Sudden Cases of Adventure, Betty has taken courses in First Aid and field dressing wounds.

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