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Coydog 'Mitchell'
Custom Title:
The Marvelous Mrs. Fitzroy
Character Race:
Most often away from civilization
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Beth Riesgraf
Character Age:
Place of Origin:
The Mojave Wasteland, Earth
Coydog is a tall woman, possessed of a lean build built for hiking, rock climbing, walking, and running long distances. Her blonde hair lays just past her shoulder blades, its styling often influenced by practicality more than anything trending. She is often seen sporting some kind of hat; her favorites being a wool black Stetson and old faded slouch hat.

Her eyes are the dark, dank green of untended pond water, though one may seem slightly off. If a person has keen enough hearing, they may pick up a very slight whirring from that fake peeper.

While the lion's share of the damage done by two bullets to the skull cannot be seen, very good foundation makeup and the still strategic placement of her hair hides an array of gnarly scars. Oddly enough it is the powder burns that tend to shine through, marring the flesh of the right side of Coydog's face like brutal freckles down to her jawline.

She dresses, mostly, in whatever she finds comfortable and practical. Usually this consists of a jacket or coat, a white tank top, blue jeans and boots, with the addition of a flannel here and there. A faded leather and canvas courier's satchel is a near constant companion. The scents of campfire, the desert, simple soap, reefer and, occasionally, gunpowder seem to follow her.

She is not much of a drinker, but does enjoy pot, if only because it combats the massive headaches that plague her.

Smiles come easily to Coydog, and by most accounts she is a genuinely kind and caring lady. However, while she is slow to anger, she is not afraid of confrontation and has been known to tirelessly pursue those who do her dirty. It is often when she stops smiling that one has to worry.

Coydog is a woman completely knowledgeable in who she is and what she stands for.
First and foremost, Coydog is a survivalist and with that comes a plethora of skills forged from the unforgiving hellscape of the Mojave Wasteland.

She has a quick tongue and can often talk herself into and out of situations. When dealing with dire straits, this is her most preferred method of diffusing tense situations, along with running and outright cunning.

If diplomacy doesn't work...

Coydog is also experienced with a variety of firearms and explosives, though there are only two that she keeps at her hips;

* A .357 magnum revolver - its make long lost to time- named Pancho.
* A double-action hunting revolver that fires .45-70 Gov't ammunition - a gift from her pal Dillon. She calls it Lefty.

This isn't to say that she can't hold her own in unarmed or melee combat, as she doesn't back down when in physical pain.

She's pretty good at patching people up what need patching.

Due to some cybernetic enhancements ( a "robo" spine and heart), Coydog might confuse robots. Sometimes wild animals like to hang out with her. Yes, even she finds this weird.

(Based on my stinky little courier from Fallout: New Vegas. I dun own Fallout, I just like playin' with it. If I'm in play then I'm open for play.)

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