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Blend Within
James O'Connor
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Currently RhyDin, Seaside
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Brew Craftsman & Pub Owner
A couple inches under six foot and layered with muscle that could only come from over a decade of hard labor, heavy lifting and hardly sporadic training. He was a chameleon in human skin, slipping into necessary roles as life dealt its hand even though it could be a desperately inner struggle to keep a smile on his face. With dirty blonde hair kept longer than a buzz cut and amber eyes that took in more than expected, he was capable of being both a wallflower and in the spotlight depending on the mood.

He'd suggest that he was an open book, but only if you asked the right questions. Otherwise you'd continue to get the easy going laughter and wise cracks matched with a cheeky grin. He was old enough to know that was really all people wanted; he had been through enough to know that people couldn’t handle the entire story.

Few people ever found out things like the fact that he was a former deep sea underwater welder, a brown belt in jiu-jitsu, had a soft spot for old radio shows like Richard Diamond and The Falcon, or happened to be worth millions of dollars. No, this was just some random guy who liked beer, was spotted with several tattoos, and lied about liking tuna fish.

He'd play the part, while you watched the show.
Owner of The Lost Pub & Brewery

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