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Amare Kellis
He belonged to the club of the rich and the beautiful. He belonged to the club of orphans. Of the abused. Of the over-sexed and dangerous-when-bored. He belonged to the club of omnivores. To the club of moon-howlers and drink guzzlers. He could swallow someone in his path of self destruction and he could soak in the springs with someone in his journey to self aggrandizement. He was in the club of the moody, of the displaced and contrary.

Amare hadn't started this world knowing up from down and now when someone tried to explain it to him, he generally thought they were screwing with him. It felt like stepping closer and closer to a wood chipper when someone was with him. Exhilarating. Painful. Disappointing and... wonderful. The man with dark blond hair slicked back had blue eyes, shallow pools which could hold so much soul and then seem so empty.

It was best to buckle in.

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That escalated quickly.