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Junior Adventurer
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He's a titian-haired playboy with a lean, toned frame and Elysian features sculpted onto an oval face consisting of high, angular cheekbones, a dimpled chin, aquiline nose, and narrow mouth. Youthful eyes are a warm, brilliant shade of gold. A slender, sturdy romantic stature is complemented by smooth, fair skin, elegant hands, and an even more luxuriant smile.

He carries himself with the confidence and sinuous grace of a perfectly balanced feline on the prowl. Calm and unflappable, his patience is endless.

There isn't any one characteristic that can pin him to a specific region; his origin is anyone's guess.
Vitakinesis. Psionic manipulation of mental and physical health; harmonising and repairing disruptions in an organism's biological template. Inversely able to harm and control an individual, though it requires greater effort and expenditure of psionic energy. The three modes are as follows: Latrosis, Mentatis, and Algesis.

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