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Nicklaus Burison
Nicklaus Burison
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Brewer and Crafter
An odd heritage makes Nicklaus slightly taller than (human) average but almost twice as broad, with thick limbs and a body like a barrel. His troubles with the forge show when he is forced to cut his curling black beard short to remove scorch-marks. Shining scars also trail up his hands and forearms.
In public, he wears whatever clothing can be tailored to his size, usually flannel shirts or cabled sweaters over canvas pants, with a favorite pair of folded leather boots. At work, he strips down to a sleeveless undershirt, showing off his other secrets: a set of tattoos which shift around to new designs when no one is watching. One day, he’ll have a military insignia on his shoulder; another might find a bouquet of lilies on his chest.
Nicklaus' favorite talent is brewing, especially when permitted to let his innate magic loose to 'flavor' the liquor. He also has an innate talent with shaping wood, stone, and metal, although he finds smithing more of a chore than a pleasure. As a side benefit of an early career as housekeeper (slave), he's also a decent cook and carpenter. He has a strange mix of knowledge gleaned from time as a tavern-keeper, and a surprisingly scientific approach for a man raised in a violent, gloomy medieval wasteland.

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