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Edgar Greensmith
Character Race:
Old Market
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
(Ezra Miller)
Character Age:
20 years
Place of Origin:
Duluth, Minnesota
Independent Contractor
Maybe you've seen him jumping the fence at the junkyard, scavenging for the next neat treasure that someone mistook for trash. Though it's just as likely you haven't ever noticed him. After all, he's a sneaky devil. As unremarkable as the next guy in line who ordered the double espresso macchiato and had his name written wrong on the side of his cup.

Ed is nobody special. Though the height on his driver's license lists him at five foot eleven, he hardly ever stands fully upright and is far too lanky at a hundred fifty odd pounds to be considered intimidating. His hair is black and shaggy when not tied up off his neck. It falls to his shoulders now and often gets in his dark brown eyes.

He is prone to wearing clothes picked out of the bargain bins from the local resale charity shops. Vintage print tees, pretty sweaters, colorful socks, skinny jeans of various hues, and second generation military jackets are his top apparel selections. He also likes frilly skirts and has no qualms about wearing women's clothing. He often paints his nails.

Ed smells of cheap cigarettes, marijuana, mechanical grease, and scented soaps. Since becoming Goshen's boyfriend he's been much more hygienic.
Engineer aspect. Shapeshifting, limited to single animal, Crinos and Rodens forms. Maze memory. Acute senses. Night vision. Immunity to disease. Reduced delirium. Regenerative capabilities. Silver vulnerability. Stepping sideways. Keening. Speaks in squeaks. Blessing of the Rat Incarna. Blood memory. Freak factor, four: unbalanced. Kleptomaniac.

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