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Azure Wayfinder
Azure Wayfinder (nee Ilnaren)
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Character Portrait
Azure has dark brown hair, cut short in a bob, and a face that's pretty without being beautiful. Her eyes are her most striking feature, as they are colored a solid, deep blue with no apparent difference between sclera, iris or even pupils.
She can ride a horse with the best of them, and also has a good touch with raptors.*

In battle, Azure relies on her excellent aim with a javelin at distance, switching to a pair of long knives for close-up fighting. She has also been working on weaponless hand-to-hand styles.

Although she has a fine alto singing voice, she rarely lets it sound when others are present.

Like her brother, she has a psi-gift, though she developed hers as a tracker and "finder" of pathways to places, items, or people hidden or lost. Years ago she adopted her surname of Wayfinder based on this talent, as it has served her well.

* birds, not dinosaurs

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