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Hunter White
Hunter White
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Character Portrait
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Earth; U.K.
Height: 6'3"
Hair/Eyes: Black/Blue

Born and bred in a narrow world of privilege, he was an inheritor to more than one legacy and reserved a certain pride for meeting the challenges of such obligations. Even as a child he'd been a little too keen, recognizing that it would be remiss not to take full advantage of the affluent opportunities that fate had lavished upon him.

Hunter White walked a line between fortune and disaster with all the cunning grace and artful silence that his name implied. He had a weightless prowess that was cavalier and almost carelessly nonchalant, an athletic arrogance that seemed to keep his feet from even touching the ground. Neatly groomed even if the intentional presentation was disarray, no one touched his black hair. His gaze was cool, severe and compound blue as glaciers, twinkling on and off a calculated, bold charm. He had a mouth full of dangerous language, and a devilishly genuine smile that was sharp enough to slice dresses off by itself.

His impatience for pretense and unaccounted confidence had accredited his reputation a penchant for apparently impulsive behaviors and rumors of violence and vice. Although his face and his hands were terribly pretty, beauty was no inherent guarantor of virtue and he was not as immaculate as his slick, clean-cut exterior.

Taking a sinister path of excess to a palace of wisdom as haunted as the place he'd grown up, ghosts of the past were not his concern. It was the walking dead that stalked his dreams in black silk stockings, and even more personal demons that whispered in his ears.

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