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Alexia Longbow
Alexia Milisindiel Longbow. Leader of no one. Ruler of nothing.
Character Race:
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Character Age:
240... appears 19
Place of Origin:
Healer, aspiring mage
Almost 5' tall, petite and willowy. Her face is lightly freckled and she appears to be about 19. Large, dark chocolate eyes, matching soft, wavy hair which hangs to her waist. Two inch thick bands of solid white scar tissue wrap around each wrist. Her ankles to match. Undeniably pointed ears. On her back between her shoulder blades, a pair of long, trailing, gossamer wings that pulse and bioluminesce when scared or nervous, ecstatic or excited.

Often wears simple, casual clothing, leggings, loose flowy blouses and shirts, occasionally the simple modest dress. Regardless, she always looks lovely.

Clumsy, stubborn, and curious, she often finds herself in odd situations.

She is a bit skittish and traumatized, often mistaken for extreme shyness. Although some of her confidence is building and she has begun to recover from her usual severe stutter, she is prone to bouts of selective mutism.

((Mun is 25+))
She is a natural, empathic healer, which means she'll absorb whatever injury or illness a person in need of healing may have. Since she is still learning, but is slowly getting better and better.

Despite her protests and denial, she has been known to sing occasionally. When she does, it seems as if the world stops, time slows, and hearts melt. It's almost as if she has siren in her lineage...

Never one to cause trouble, despite seemingly being a magnet for it. She has the passive ability to diffuse most tense situations as though her very aura is the essence of tranquility often giving off the scent of chamomile and lavender. It gets stronger when she is most content.

Provided she is not in a state of panic, her aura lies dormant. However, should something threaten her life or the life of her beloved, her aura will spring to life in a protective layer sparks of electricity, curls of smoke, and even flickering flames, all tinted purple.

((Character is extremely shy but friendly. She will rarely initiate.))

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

- Maya Angelou

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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

- Maya Angelou