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Penny Escobar
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Her dark hair appeared black, but too often in the sunlight it took on various hues of russet reds and browns. Brown eyes held flicks of copper that could tick to amber depending on a shifting mood, or just a trick of the light. There were the expected feminine curves, but she was also weighted down with layers of muscle that suggested they weren’t for show but a regular purpose. Scars on her knuckles implied she wasn’t impervious to harm, though if there were any other identifying marks anywhere else on her form they were likely kept under the typical blue jeans and faded t-shirts. While she wore some jewelry, her makeup was either nonexistent or she had mastered the art of the natural look. If the weather was cold or she felt the need for it, a red hooded cloak would be wrapped around her. As strange as it may have seemed, it suited her more than the hesitant yet friendly smile on her face.
A varied skill set, particular to her form of trade and usually kept moderately secret unless someone was more familiar to her than by mere name. She was more humble than arrogant, more observant than shy, and favored a more direct approach course of action than the subtly that diplomacy often required. With a temper that rivaled that of a scorned woman, her wit could turn savage when provoked. Though she distrusted many, compassion and generosity were not uncommon. Her intuition was remarkable, but it was her curiosity that typically landed her into trouble.

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