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Junior Adventurer
Junior Adventurer
Arla Carna
Arna Carna
Character Race:
Anywhere her gifts are accepted
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Place of Origin:
Midwest, United States, Earth
Holistic Therapist
(See photo on left for physical appearance.)

Personality: Shy and gentle

Arla will take the initiative if she needs to, thus proving her quiet leadership abilities. Otherwise, she is a woman of limited words. She has ADHD, which is managed by dancing and singing. Don't try to take her wands from her! That's like taking candy from a baby in that it's cruel. Those wands were gifted to her by her grandfather when she was three.

Physical Healer: She prefers to heal basic physical injuries and will limit life-threatening situations to when a doctor is unavailable. Arla doesn't want to steal the medical field's thunder. Her hand(s) will glow purple based on the severity of the injury; the darker the shade, the more severe the injury being healed.
Emotional Comfort: This is her specialty and her favorite ability. A single touch to the target's shoulder will provide peace and ease of mind, so long as such is desired.

*Arla will not use her skills on somebody who doesn't want to be helped, unless it's an emergency, and won't hesitate to say no if she suspects possible abuse of her abilities.
Just watch her!

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"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." - Helen Keller

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