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Mathian Shadowsoul
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With a smooth stride that could almost be considered a glide, this mysterious gentleman can close distances quite quickly with the long legs his 6'3' form provides him. Piercing blue-green eyes, the color of a brewing storm, look down a hawkish nose at any he encounters. His face looks a little drawn, weathered by age though it is difficult to place exactly how old he is. With lips pursed together as if in a permanent scowl, his look is the scrutinizing and harsh gaze of a man who cares little for the well being of others. Auburn locks, starting high on his forehead is most often pulled back tight in a ponytail and severe against his scalp. When let loose of it's leather throng restraint, the strands of hair brush his shoulders in a wavy cascade.
Mathian was not always a vampire, of course, like many vampires was born human. A human with a talent and ultimately dangerous thirst for magic.

It was that passion that took him down the road of Necromancy. After practicing the dark art form for quite some time, he has become rather skilled at controlling the souls of the dead to do his bidding and other such acts that chill the blood and soul.

Vampirism simply wasn't enough for him; Vampires could be killed by a stab to the heart just like any human could so his studies and thirst for more power had him finding ways to perfect the virus that created him.

Ultimately, this pursuit resulted in him obtaining his coveted 'immortality' by way of Lichdom but granting him the ability to create daylight walking vampires.

Mathian has a phylactery and, unless the mysterious object is utterly destroyed, he cannot be permanently killed.

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