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Bailey Raptis
Bailey Raptis
Custom Title:
The Stolen Child
Character Race:
Appears Human
Primarily Twilight Isle, Occasionally in New Haven and Kabuki Street
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Character Age:
Appears to be mid/late-20s
Place of Origin:
RhyDin City
Jack of many trades, including model, fashion designer, waiter and duelist
At 5'6", Bailey is a little bit shorter than the average man and a little bit taller than the average woman. He is thin, but recent activity has put some lean muscle on his bones. His black hair is straight, near shoulder length, and neatly parted. His eyes are a light blue-green, shifting depending on the light.

Bailey frequently accentuates his effeminate facial features with make-up: eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, foundation, blush, and lipstick. He will occasionally wear dresses, skirts, and other feminine outfits, but his lack of bust makes it difficult to pass as a woman from the neck down. More typically, he mixes and matches between men's and women's clothes: blouses with jeans or flannels with capris. He'll wear anything from sneakers to combat boots to ballet flats to heels, depending on the outfit. He occasionally brings an old rusty scabbard with him to the duels, and often has a small leather knife sheath somewhere on his person.

* Two-time Squire of New Haven (under Andrea Anderson and Hope Naharis (after winning squire tournament))
* 53rd Talon of Redwin
* 420th duelist to reach Warlord rank
* 102nd duelist to reach Mage rank
* Winter 2015 and Fall 2018 All Ranks Tournament Winner
* 31st Keeper of Water (13 December 2015 - 23 September 2016)
* September 2016, October 2018, & February 2019 Archmage Tournament Winner
* 60th Archmage (23 September 2016 - 25 November 2016) and 67th Archmage (18 February 2019 - )
* Member of victorious 2016 Hydra team (Hydra-Foils)
Catwalking. Makeup. Sewing. Fashion design. His time at the Tower of Water has taught him how to swim and surf.

Having spent significant chunks of time residing on Twilight Isle and studying magic on his own, he has greatly strengthened his arcane knowledge. In particular, his time spent in the Tower of Water has made him particularly attuned to water-based magics, and his studies in the Celestial Citadel focused on amplifying his affinity to marble, including shifting his own skin to that material and turning statues of the substance into golems that obey his will, whether he is present or not. He is occasionally followed by one of those statues, a mannequin-like marble creation that answers to the name Proxinho.

Those sensitive to glamour or magical masks might notice a shift in the aura about him -- there are still hints of its warped and makeshift nature, like melted glass or gazing upon the outside of a bubble, but there are also streaks of silver, gold, and brass within his glamour seeming to hold it together like kintsugi -- added beauty in the brokenness.
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